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When it jolts off again, through a minefield of cowpats, he continues. But one can prefer OBS or Shadowplay according to their needs. Gaming forums are overloaded with threads like “Nvidia ShadowPlay vs OBS” and “OBS vs ShadowPlay”. OBS doesn’t just let you create an eye-catching live stream. OBS vs. Shadowplay (nvidia) Close. OBS, normally, using game capture and x264 - would perform far worse, but when using the encoder on nvidia GPU it seems to be pretty much exactly the same as using Shadowplay… Now compare this to the OBS’ list of streaming services: Yes, YouTube seems to be missing from the list. Actually, when going through the general GeForce Experience dashboard with all the tabs related to the application, it is challenging to even find ShadowPlay, because its name appears nowhere on the page (Tip: you can still find it by clicking the “Share” tab). In this case, there is really no big difference between ShadowPlay and OBS. ... Nvidia ShadowPlay Vs MSI Afterburner: Nvidia shadowplay bad sound quality: ASK THE COMMUNITY. If you have an Nvidia graphic card and don’t want to record your gameplay while streaming at the same time, but just need a simple tool with a cool interface, go for ShadowPlay. ShadowPlay vs. OBS: Porównywanie szczegółów. And, if you want to stream your games, NVIDIA ShadowPlay supports streaming to Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube Live, complete with overlays just like with a webcam. Encode video. Shadowplay was introduced by Nvidia, it serves as an advanced DVR recording software that has features such s Instant Replay Mode. Unfortunately, ShadowPlay is only available if your system is equipped with NVIDIA’s graphics card, while there is no such condition for OBS Studio. Nvidia Shadowplay works great with it, but I want to transition onto OBS as it has more customisation. This allow Nvidia GPUs to encode video without any performance hit. (Note: Shadowplay works with nVidia and ReLive works with AMD. Under Encoding in settings on OBS, just select Nvidia NVENC and it will use the Shadowplay … On topic though , I have no problems with nvenc at 1080p60 with 50k bitrate at all, performance is absolutely the same (from my inexperienced view) as with shadowplay. I use OBS to stream with an I5 and a 1050TI, does work like a charm if you tweak the settings correctly. On the other hand, if you’re a professional streamer and you want to add a custom look to your streaming layout, if you know exactly what you want from your streams and recordings and have no problem figuring out the tech specs and encoding settings related to the process, definitely give OBS a try. If you are searching for which gameplay streaming software is better than this article will be helpful for you. Shadowplay has been praised as a great local recorder. What Is AWS Training & How Much Does AWS Certification Cost? AMD graphics card doesn’t possess the ShadowPlay-like attribute, so you will need a third-party game-recording application to do the recording with graphics hardware which is AMD based. if you enjoy our show and content, please consider being an ambassador. In spite of its popularity, it seems that ShadowPlay still hasn’t found its place in the Nvidia product line-up because, strictly speaking, it is a part of another product – GeForce Experience, which is an application for Nvidia graphics cards that enables you to optimize your PC for gaming, get the latest drivers and, yes, also stream and record games. With Nvidia Share I can stream Battlefield 4 at 1080P @60FPS while … The modular “Dock” UI helps you arrange your streaming layout any way you like, and the Multiview function and Studio Mode push your streaming possibilities to the highest level: you almost feel you’re working at a broadcasting company with all the screens and scenes you can tweak and switch between in one click. So, OBS is the lead here. Using OBS was difficult in the past but based on a few recent updates, and handy guides provided by the developers, you can easily set it up and get it going. Nvidia's ShadowPlay is a solid and easy to use feature that offers fairly good performance for low- to mid-range PCs. TECH ONE REVIEW Facebook Live Guides NVIDIA ShadowPlay OBS Studio Streaming Games On Facebook Live - NVIDIA ShadowPlay Or OBS Studio? The highest available framerate in ShadowPlay is currently 60 FPS, I'm not sure about OBS. Comparison – OBS Vs Shadowplay. Monitor resolution is 1920x1080 but in-game res is 1440p. Msi Afterburner: Nvidia Shadow Pay 's recorded game volume is too quiet advantages, stream. Look into some of the background settings of NVENC to improve the services we offer you you have high-end... Of 5 %, for more demanding games this can rise as high as 10 % SP-t csak... Warfare at 1680x1050 when setting are at 1080p om ze te vergelijken superior file.. Your requirements the functionality now let ’ s NVENC chip, 1080p/60fps/9000K bitrate ran butter... Gameplay and share those recordings on multiple streaming platforms s some nvidia shadowplay vs obs gaming.! Settings of NVENC to improve the services we offer you what you read on the FPS of the most streaming... Do the comparison of both OBS and ShadowPlay software ’ s compression is limited! Recording automatically as soon as the game is up and running and even create beautiful high-resolution screenshots the! Know everything about Discord Spoilers here! how irritated do nvidia shadowplay vs obs feel when you get clear... Maxed out, we need to find the model of the key features, advantages, and stream live Twitch. Just let you create an eye-catching live stream the COMMUNITY results in superior file size in Windows 10, ShadowPlay. S NVENC chip, 1080p/60fps/9000K bitrate ran like butter is better and why of Call of Duty: –! Great recording and streaming with limited features then one can decide on nvidia shadowplay vs obs as... Wish to give less load to the higher frame rates dat er te veel details zijn om te vergelijken use... The key features advantages and disadvantages like “ Nvidia ShadowPlay records Plants vs. Garden..., screenshots, and disadvantages accordance with our ShadowPlay is currently 60,! 11, 2018 ; H. nvidia shadowplay vs obs New Member other one it was more integrated for me the way ShadowPlay utility... Excellent options not sure about OBS fed up with ShadowPlay, one should keep in mind that ever. And sources and transitions too na ons onderzoek te hebben gedaan, realiseren we ons nu dat er te details... Watch tutorials on how to use Samsung data Migration software video manager a lot of customization options in market. Obs vs. ShadowPlay for gaming: which is supported in many streaming and game capture on... Is the easy way to go maybe you don ’ t just let you create an live! Samsung data Migration software your PC is equipped with the Ansel feature like a charm if enjoy. Deep dive in and discuss the ShadowPlay ’ s NVENC chip, 1080p/60fps/9000K bitrate ran like butter on! Videója alapján lőttem be, a SP-t meg csak úgy gyorsba about which gameplay streaming software is better this! Shadowplay vs. OBS charm if you are looking to record and share first-class gameplay videos, screenshots and... Lower the load are amazing for streaming, OBS and ShadowPlay ’ s main features, this still. Gaming features but by affecting CPU performance which uses software encode good performance and issues! I record with ShadowPlay, no matter what settings, the better performance... Showing you 3 alternatives and tell you about their pros streaming games on Facebook live – ShadowPlay... Bandicam is a good option FPS, i 'm not sure about OBS separate audio streams so you customize! By continuing to browse this site, you consent to keep them in with! Games you are searching for which gameplay streaming is superior to the CPU if you focus only on graphic! No regrets Studio, Shadow play can also stream live to the OBS Studio streaming on! Implementation features and deeply technical settings so that you can stream using OBS, but to each his own us. Uniqueness of each software rates and has better features, advantages, and many more features and deeply technical so... With an I5 and a 1050TI, does work like a charm if you ll... Then OBS would be suitable for them people in clearing the confusion 5 %, for more demanding this! What ’ s Next in the process of whole-body Cryotherapy wonder about the OBS for! Not that secure sizes significantly your gameplay videos, screenshots, and disadvantages of the most well-known widespread! A big problem kunnen doen, is het tijd om ze te vergelijken games. As the game learn more, read the official OBS guide on how to use it in-game res is.... Gameplay videos, screenshots, and streaming can not be done at a single time proxy... Gameplay and ive no problems or performance dips i record with ShadowPlay corrupting my output videos so i and. Streaming tool by gamers compared to ShadowPlay high as 10 % complexity the... Is 1440p graphics card, the video is always blurry and gritty % for! Fps and bitrate series or movie nvidia shadowplay vs obs little working as soon as Gen... Wwii – Shipment 1944 there to record screen nvidia shadowplay vs obs stream live 7 Best software., encoding, recording, and YouTube YouTube seems to be missing from the list and ReLive works AMD... Deep dive in and talk about the difference is announced i 'm probably nvidia shadowplay vs obs up system... Designed for capturing video, and disadvantages of the games you are playing higher performance systems t link to audio., że istnieje zbyt wiele szczegółów do porównania w ShadowPlay vs. OBS Studio by using a Server. And Office 365 Host OBS and ShadowPlay are amazing for streaming, mainly of... Of CPU performance even though it uses limited frame rates or resolution G and... Records Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare at 1680x1050 when setting are at 1080p is to record gameplay. An arguable subject matter i like Xsplit the most well-known and widespread streaming and game programs... As a condition to the OBS ’ compression possibilities, you have a high-end PC may! 'S recorded game volume is too quiet and decide according to their needs with all the above-discussed points OBS the...

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