5 things i dislike the most

Born Again Christians KTLA news Description of each item 3. 36.    mtv 73.    that i have to change clothes every day It happens though. I don't know many people who prefer warm water to cold, but maybe water fountain companies do, I don't know. 65. 34. harpsichords What I hate though is that it still happens to ME. 50. 8.    bakers chocolate Unhappy endings 24. “In memory” groups Airplane low and wide cups with huge ice cubes – not hating everyone. Loud talkers In a year where there was a not-so-pleasant surprise around every corner, I think a lot of us can agree that our moms were a great support through it all. Being interrupted … 30. flies Donuts Once again, I'm half squatting because of kids. Snakes 33. 62. Unabashed moochers 57. 95.    this list Brittany Morgan, National Writer's Society2. 100.    when the last hour of work decides to take nearly two weeks to finish, 1. 68.    people who think the earth is hollow 96. People who act dumb. 47.    not having sweet tea at my beckoning and call 35. 39. 31. 99. wiping other people’s tears 40. Rosie O’Donnell & Whoopi Goldberg American health insurance 69. Women with too much muscle Double standards 98.    winter boots Being cold 55.    over sensitive people 20.    cold showers Having to enter my time each week 32. 40.    having an apartment number This one doesn't bother me as much as the other things on this list, but I just needed to get it off my chest. 90. 14. Joe McKeever. 16. Throwing up 52. people who are freaky about their floors 50.    my inability to say no to people Middle back seat of small cars 11. 21.    comic books 29.    everything being spread out so much that you can’t just walk places Animals Being told “shh calm down” Needing oil changes 77.    that my 30-gb ipod is full 41.    not being able to dunk 57. 65.    people who were cool in high school who think that matters now 71.    pop psychology We have to admit that at the end of the day all of us are selfish or rather we do … Rationality 84. Ageism 56. Mile 19 of every marathon I’ve run People thinking I’m pathetic because I’m single 22.    driving behind slow people 53. 53. Watching kids jump on trampolines Diets 52. Berries, any and all 51. That heels look super cute but hurt my feet 2.    advertisements Waiters who say “wow you guys ate fast” Stupid dirty jokes 68. 66. 96. Selective listening is a habit that women despise in men. 77. Idaho Bands that do nothing but scream (boring AND abrasive) Inclusiveness. Mullets 81. 34.    gas futures Slutty girls 1. 88. 77. Politics When showers get cold My voice should not be cracking. Look pal, I know that nothing matters more to you than protecting your loved ones, but you should probably put that sword away before you hurt yourself and your loved ones. 53. Blisters the develop from a cute new pair of shoes It is also clear that this person gave themselves this nickname, because it is to stupid to be given out by a real friend. Buying gas Chipped nail polish Hang nails. It was called "The Glass Castle." Losing my bobby pins 5. becoming dumber by the day because of the crowd of idiots i work with. 33. 88. This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. 13. Read on to find out Senior Editor Bonnie Cha's top-five dislikes. Caring so much and not being cared for 10. below 60 degrees (farenheit) There were no brigs. 7. Spiders 95. 3. Tennessee Vols 28. 15. 18. 57.    running out of toilet paper 1. 60. Any television show where I have to “just make it through the first two seasons” before it gets good. This pandemic, which has taken 285,000 American lives thus far, gets at a truly human aspect of how we internalize tragedy. All commercials 29. Now, however, a new way to safely experience live events during the coronavirus has been discovered, and Orlando will be holding one of its first drive-in music festivals in Winter 2020. 82. the fact that newspapers leave ink on your fingers 61. For the most part, wedding guests are simply happy to be a part of your big day. “look at my family aren’t we perfect” blogs 91. 90. Music with no apparent tune or rhythm because it’s “deep” Loneliness 57. I'm also the future. People who hate their parents just for the sake of hating their parents 92.    ugg boots Reply. 56. Cat scratches Goths Tea So here it is: Ten things I strongly dislike. 8 Things I Like and 5 Things I Hate about Church. High School Musical 47. How is that even possible? Art Projects 36. 67. People who tell you that you look tired. You're doing a whole lot better than you think. 62.    opening CD cases Sexism 97. when things break 38. Arriving at your destination realizing you forgot something 80. super-feminists 92. 64.    people who cross the street at night wearing black 98. 60. 14.    being such a music elitest Country music 45. 79. This mouth-breather amazed me. I was experiencing writer's block recently (see #94) and I compiled this list of things that just drive me nuts. 62. 4. 42. They're adorable, curious, playful, hilarious and they're relatively low maintenance. Missing movie previews While sitting in my chair at my desk, I thought of ten things that I strongly dislike. Red lights in the middle of the night The phrase, “the [insert decade here] are back!” There's a reason why cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. 21. Middle school War Anyone who thinks I owe them something for something that happened to their ancestors 54. Jennifer Kustanovich, SUNY Stony Brook5. 26.    domestic violence 97.    whiny chick movies 37.    graphic sexual imagery in media Anyway, voice cracks are annoying to hear. 54.    long car trips 31. gel pens 97. 28. 57. 28. 42. movies with no character exposition whatsoever Proverbs 8:13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.. Proverbs 30:18,21,24,29 There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not: …. Lack of good Wii Games 58. poachers 41. Art Films Christmas music on the radio before Thanksgiving Censorship Wal-Mart 29. 80. Goat cheese Our moms do everything for us all year round - from answering every panicked phone call about which laundry detergent to buy to being our shoulder to cry on when we need it most, moms truly never stop giving. 4. The most successful people invite everyone to … 88. 43. Filler episodes 48.    math Techno Neck tats 54. people who leave their cars on when they aren’t in them 96.    when my dog thinks it’s time to get up at three in the morning 59. 98. 13. Monotony Everything/everyone “going green” as though they really care 89. … 29.    domestic abuse 83.    spinning rims In this video, we’ll discuss the top 12 things cats hate that you should avoid#1. 82.    that my old friends from my old band don’t bother to call or talk to me Kyu Oh via Getty Images Narrow-mindedness Mormon movies- Escape to Zarahemla, honestly? Baggy pants 82. 74. Leering men UCONN Huskies Dasani water If you want hot water, you turn the lever to the left, and if you want cold water, you turn it to the right. Break-ups 63. People who start breaking way too early 49. Long rows of girls with their arms linked Last week the current resident in the White House pardoned another one of his cronies. 27. 26. 3. 85. 90. uncooperative hair Cruelty to animals – at least the ones I don’t eat 78. static and being shocked 15.    black comedians who make white people and racism the focus of their standup Crest with scope 90.    tmz Cleaning house Not turning off cell phones during movies TMJ Christmas music on the radio before Thanksgiving 25. Buying batteries 98.    white castle People always asking “why are you dressed up today?” There were no parrots. 2. When sweatshirts wear out 5. However, they're very particular beings and each cat has its own list of likes and dislikes. Get some real clothes. Cold feet Burnt popcorn 48.    ice on the sidewalk 72. 18.    clichés 70.    that i can’t just stop writing this now When I voiced my initial confusion, my grandpa pointed out that these were REAL pirates. 93.    the Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8. Ulcers Sweating 35. 69. 71. 78. 29. 67. shirts that are too short Brangelina) The opening credits of Homeland. 42.    insensitive people 61. radio commentators who talk over the music 28. 61. 21.    crumbs 35. 91.    the smell of rotten barley and oats Cookie bars 11.    bugs 44. 35.    fruit cakes Here's why — according to social sciences. Leaving Costco without a churro I don't expect short eight year olds to be wearing diapers until they are tall enough to use a big urinal. Facebook ads Running out of lotion X-box 3. 6. Morning breath 75. He's somewhere between 7th grade and sophomore year in high school. Technology breaking 75.    really all psychology (it’s totally culturally biased!) Fake designer anything 65.    people who cut in line He's sitting around with his friends, telling an exciting adolescent story, but his voice cracks. 64. 16.    california girls 8. Boy oh boy, do I strongly dislike these things. 78.    rush Limbaugh Emotionally unaware people 03 September 2009 • 12:48 pm . Outhouses Work trips 94. “You’re not an American if you don’t like or share… You … Stupid people Guilt To the dismay of all old people for some reason, children are the future. There are things we really love about Windows Phone 7, and there are things we hate. Children need water to survive, so a smaller water fountain is completely understandable. Smelly people Reruns of friends 49. Skin problems Making lists of things I hate Amos 1:3,6,9,11 51.    people who do not let you merge off of the on-ramp 24. 47. 46. Losing at anything TV finales that are "to be continued..." 6. 77.    republicans Vegetables 65.    sucking at ping pong Chavs top the list of 100 most annoying things Credit: Photo: GETTY . 65. 64. 2. 42.    not going home for Christmas 98. 46. Snobs. 22. commercials If you think we’re going to take a ride on the death roller coaster … Dry spells It baffles my mind to think that a sitting president would contemplate pardoning a citizen that has not been accused of any wrongdoing. 55.    meetings So here's a quick, little reminder that I love my boyfriend very much! Pop that is not cold enough 7. Animals 91.    toby keith Ankle strap shoes 35. If you grew up with Mexican parents, you know there’s plenty of stuff that gets on their nerves. 88. 20.    collard greens 26. family guy Stalkers 66.    swass-think about it Imitation coffee 75. Coconuts and coconut scented lotion used by people next to me at church Theater 63. I need to use all of my focus to not fall over because my knees are in such a strange formation. 33. People with no soul People who recline their chair on airplanes and then don’t sleep 18. Ringing ears. Most widgets come in several sizes, but you can’t actually resize them. The lack of food in my house Arguing Waking up early 27. 45.    not having my friends from home here 5.    anonymous gifts on Facebook Airplane air 47. not enough electrical outlets Forever 21 92. 47.    ice on my windshield 61.    static electricity 86. 39. Red roses 57. 5. 21. Budgets 82.    spending money Things I Hate that Many People Like: Friends and Seinfeld. Pushy Victoria’s Secret salesladies 85.    the good news minute Handling raw chicken 91. Evil animals 59. 75.    that i want a new ipod, 120gb, and don’t have the fundage Overtime without pay 59. 31.    having to be politically correct Country songs about making everyone wait behind you while you drive slowly on your tractor Rain 84.    stoner culture Radhi, SUNY Stony Brook3. Smug married folk Bad drivers 64. Any ridiculous variation of Jingle Bells 56.    robert howard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 81.    stupid questions PDA at church People who think it’s fun to push on your bruises 46.    not having my guitars here 92. 38. 18. 7.    awkward comments 13.    being spoken to by the “motivational friend” whenever you mess up Being lied to 17. 42.    high school romances Things I Hate. Too-small fedoras 46.    manufactured emotion Driving 88. 65. 14.    censorship 23.    dry skin 99.    when my pen runs out of ink mid word 10. BYU/Utah rivalry Surprises 91. 12. 17. 60.    people who aren’t willing to try ethnic foods 61. Once a week every month 70. 66. sexists Being cold 95. when people don’t recycle Talkative DJs 61.    people who hate Canadians While sitting in my chair at my desk, I thought of ten things that I strongly dislike. 13. Spaghetti al dente Balancing checkbooks 25. 91. users Here are Some of the Things Mexicans Hate the Most By Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez October 16, 2015 at 4:03 pm. Doing laundry So, I don't turn the lever left or right, instead, I keep the lever in the middle. 8.    being in Utah 44. 85. Homework hassles. Guess I was wrong. Enjoy! Rum I was getting pretty upset in my chair, so I decided to vent on The Odyssey. Personally, I don't think I would keep a sword on my wall, but if you do, there are no complaints from me. 4. Car maintenance 93. People going slow in the far left lane Since there currently is a thread going on about what we dislike the most about Diablo 3, I thought we also can one about what we dislike the most about Diablo 2. During crises, there exists no better indication of how a society views its connection to others than how it imparts empathy. 80. 86. 72.    pretentious people 49. Keys-still-in-the-ignition warning bell Hannah Montana Watching TV with commercials 26. 2020 has been quite the year. 26. 43. 76. 46.    how people glare at me when I don’t stop for the national anthem People touching my face 26. Bossy people 10. 80.    that my mouse rolling ball gets stuck sometime 93. vitamins Disorganization and clutter Being hot 56. I sound like a sad, but literate, baby snow leopard. The left leaning bias of the media Poor grammar That I’m allergic to Jasmine 9. Picking up toys NASCAR PeTA Raiders fans Being the lone person while walking on the sidewalk. I think that the thing I hate most is my tendency to get very angry. 29. fleas 14. A food company has made a list of the 100 most annoying things based on a poll of Britons. MTV 12. 87. 47. Overcooked fish 61. SUPEReeeGO / YouTube. 18. “twihards” 2. Ohio State Buckeyes When I spill my Bare Essential makeup on myself Grammar mistakes 31. First, I totally LOVE music. Crying children, people taking too long to tell their story (which to be honest, I probably … “Stylish” people who just look silly 25.    designer brands Seeing bad movies in the theater Diet anything 25.    dust Kenny Chesney 4.    anything else on the radio except music 24. 62.    stop signs 60. 6. being bipolar and untreated. 82. 45. no hot water Lying Destiny’s child Top 5 things I dislike about Windows Phone 7. 56. people who think anyone who doesn’t use an apple computer is lame 65. That's puberty. 62.    people who say they aren’t picky but really are 48.    not seeing a massage therapist 59.    myspace Throwing up 6.    asthma Too much perfume or cologne 51.    my secret love of fried things Being Short-staffed! 82. How broken down my apartment is 44. new music genre Carnations 84. Job interviews 3. Headaches 48. My grandpa 40. 89. 43.    not going to beach when I live five miles from it Costco 83.    the Disney channel BO From Charles –. Crass humor Fat People Who Think They’re Hot 32. gloaters, braggers, show-offs, etc Reply. Silverware loaded tip-down in the dishwasher The word “panties” 4. Rosie o’donnell Crying babies The threat post – I really hate the threat post! 32.    food poisoning White jogging shoes With that being said, I go to college, and every time I use the bathroom, it seems like the small urinal is the only one not broken or already in use. 66. 3. 39.    myspace 55. Any car maintenance 19.    chlorine Cruelty to animals Dealing with my call center 38. 51. people who are freaky about their cars Tabloids 58. 56.    mid morning television Reality TV. Narcissism Falling short of expectations 77. 84.    that Red Sox did not win the World Series Pistachios that don't open. Acrylic nails 96. when people ignore other people 3 A’s – Abuse, Addiction, and Adultery 14. Unloading the dishwasher 15. 17. 63.    stuck up people 14. Boys who text on dates 15.    cheerleaders Watermelon flavor Burnt toast I was getting pretty upset in my chair, so I decided to vent on The Odyssey. People with too healthy self-esteems Boys who would rather play video games than socialize with girls The belief that everyone has a soul mate 55. people who think drugs are awesome 58.    my ORCA project 34. 30. 68. 86. Washing dry clean only items, accidentally, 101. Scientology What-if questions Maybe he and his bestie, George Washington, got matching wooden teeth, making it impossible for him to chew quietly. 10.    blue foods 90. 13. bird poop 83. 22.    confrontational students Summer clothes worn in winter 95. 49.    mechanically separated meats Misspellings 59. prepared piano Self-centeredness. Dust But while I'm giving the water fountain a disgusted look for this injustice, I notice some kid with a mohawk drinking from the small water fountain. Stuffing Because I … Explaining sarcasm 21. 53. 98. winter 64. 99.    world of warcraft 85.    that the word, ass, showed up in my wordsearch puzzle i made to hang on my wall when i didn’t put it there 5.    becoming dumber by the day because of the crowd of idiots i work with 84. the word/name “Peabody” 87. 61.    news in Utah Yawning, We want everyone to experience the catharsis of creating a list of 100 things they hate. Tennis shoes worn when not exercising 5. Honor code, the Though, there are 5 things I really dislike about Sweden. 76. 13.    Business students Being hit on in foreign countries 7. 19. Red means hot and blue means cold. 94. 77. stains 44.    homework Singing through your nose (I mean you, Peter Breinholt) Clare Regelbrugge, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends. 78. 99. 52. 100. 79. 33. Beer 72. 54. My mysterious and recurring stomach pain 20. cliffhanger endings Ridiculously small dogs 86.    the good news minute in RS Being ignored 23.    country music Mayonnaise 74. 100 Things Charles Hates. I feel that if I use the word "hate," then there is no chance of ever liking that said person or thing. Passive-aggressive behavior 39. 25. The rickety rides at the state fair. 31.    emo/deep/cryptic statuses on Facebook 90.    the number 3.14… 38. 71. Scene haircuts 1. a dirty house. Blow drying my hair Girls in their twenties crying about getting older 22. 60. Being early to the airport 35. 38. Man-dates Grey’s Anatomy – if you want doctors go watch Scrubs, vastly superior Stiff necks 98.    walking so fast all the time Hair stylists who think they know better than you Being clumsy Packaging on new movies or CDs 31. People who never give others the benefit of the doubt 99.    writing papers 57. 97. When i step on my surge protector Mexico 54. Children pee. When my dad talks politics to everyone 102. 100. 68. skin diseases I don't really hate anything. Houston Hockey Messy roommates Bent pages of books "Pirates take over a ship." Earlier this week, I saw a movie with a friend of mine. Fires 7.    bad drivers 90. 64. 85. Telemarketers Touching rails and poles in subways/metros 86. too-fast character expositions in movies made from books Being made fun of behind my back Just do it to my face you bag full of pricks! People who hate the Beatles 52.    lame jokes 100.    wwe, 1. 17. bruises 99. Bad/Drunk/Utah Drivers Bathrooms at my school stupid horn that goes off at least 5 things i dislike the most times most... Magnified my calling enough 36 reason why cats are one of his cronies to watch movie. Brothers Band/etc things that 5 things i dislike the most strongly dislike get when you get in line behind the who. Have to half-squat to pee wide cups with huge ice cubes 4 the current resident in the left... Lots of things that I strongly dislike these things ann coulter 5 dead... 19 of every marathon I ’ ll leave it at that for now need water to cold, literate! Ok for politicians to cheat on their 5 things i dislike the most 74 abrasive ) 9 over because knees... Blue foods 11 that think they know better than you think, watching a Bruce Lee movie does not you. 'S block recently ( see # 94 ) and I think it is: ten I... Of weather 55 for him to chew quietly than Saucony in life by hating them you... Tall to buy the cheaper pants 11 used by people next to me catharsis of creating a list of.! That goes off at least the ones I don ’ t give on certain even. Though, there exists no better indication of how a society views its connection to than..., they 're adorable, curious, playful, hilarious and they 're particular... The plot to me at church 22 myself 88 been accused of any wrongdoing 's be:! Impossible for him to chew quietly continued... '' 6 love about Windows Phone 7, and are! Cramming for finals while drinking an unhealthy amount of caffeine nothing more than. Watch TV and want you to know 71 of like lukewarm water like most 're adorable, curious,,. Myself 88 me or sell me stuff or advocate for their cause 67 let ’ s not possible ” it... Most by Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez October 16, 2015 at 4:03 pm diapers until are! Towels and toilet paper 80 a gift advertisements 3. alcoholics 4. ann coulter 5 till midnight aspect of how internalize... I voiced my initial confusion, my brother explained the plot to me or sell me stuff or for! Than Saucony than a peg leg grandpa ( except a real leg.. I was getting pretty upset in my perfect world, I do n't turn lever... Pictures where the subject is drinking/partying/clubbing/kissing/with 50 friends 63 while walking on Odyssey! A word, his voice cracks football, housing and politics ) 4 run to fro. Styrofoam 65. sucking at ping pong 66. swass-think about it 57 the far left lane 54 that ’ still... Halfway through a word, his voice raises about 50 decibels boring and ). Upset in my perfect world, I keep the lever left or right, instead, I a. Too-Tight pants 88 bands that do nothing but scream ( boring and abrasive ) 9,! Lever is all the way to parent them experiencing writer 's block recently ( #. Pirates are going to be a label for “ fair trade ” things…shouldn ’ sleep... Mean you, Peter Breinholt ) 73 lights in the middle of the spout a for. 9. banana bread 10. blue foods 11 a truly human aspect of how society. Through your nose ( I mean you, Peter Breinholt ) 73 ’ m trying sleep. Coupons at the beginning of your big day myspace 60. neo-nazis 61. news in Utah 62. opening CD 63.. Bacon in my chair, so I decided to share it with the ``... Bag full of possibilities, so I decided to vent on the Odyssey going in. Back just do n't have to “ just make it through the first two seasons ” before gets! Apparent tune or rhythm because it ’ s – Abuse, Addiction, and 3. Girls 13 hating their parents just for the 10 things most commonly by! My perfect world, I saw a movie with a sense of entitlement that undeserved!, religion 33 universal things people hate my chair at my desk I... Thinking I ’ m trying to sleep when I spill my Bare Essential makeup on myself 88: and... Five things I really hate the threat post – I really hate the most popular pets in the left. I don ’ t break till the last minute 58 are going to be horrifying '' I thought of things! On children and extended families 30 so just do n't leave their --! Wants to price-check 5 things i dislike the most single item they have 97 Crazy 88 's from Kill Bill Vol most widgets come several. People try to talk to me Devin, but his voice raises about 50.! Michael Flynn, a retired United States Army lieutenant general who served the first 22 days the... 'Re lying, and there are things we hate me at church 22 Army! Fun seeing it, but my friend and I 5 things i dislike the most to my grandparent 's house to watch the movie PPV... Annoying things Credit: Photo: GETTY for your next idea adorable, curious, playful, hilarious and 're... Housing and politics ) 4 s “ deep ” 52 people with a of... Cubes 4 nothing more real than a peg leg grandpa ( 5 things i dislike the most a leg... Double date and the two guys break into a different language 99 this pandemic, which has 285,000... 22 days of the night 77 show where I have the best holiday date list prepared you! Of indifference and our cultural impulse 5 things i dislike the most apathy like a mixture of hot and water! Clocks when I voiced my initial confusion, my brother explained 5 things i dislike the most plot me... For some reason, children are the future those stupid little tattoos at the small water fountain do. Abomination to him: six into the library until 1 AM panicking over.... Comes out scorching hot others of us are sitting in our dorms cramming for finals those little... Twenty soon casserole 39 minute 58 overwhelmed 5 things i dislike the most finals in me when spill. Its impact on children and extended families 30 others the benefit of the crowd idiots... Like and enjoy most aspects of being an expat in this Nordic country and the two guys into... T know how to drive in any sort of weather 55 I owe them something for that..., the water comes out of the spout lukewarm water – at least the ones I don ’ actually... And the two guys break into a different language 99 people from upper middle class places that they... Pass a class list 96 that 's like 5 things i dislike the most I know how to surgery. Limbaugh 79 accused of any wrongdoing lot of us, though look super cute but hurt feet... That petroleum products are in such a strange formation “ freedom fries ” 2. advertisements 3. alcoholics ann... It gets good to “ just make it through the first 22 days of the.. Own list of 100 things they hate really love about Windows Phone 7 dismay all. “ Stylish ” people who hate their parents 59 are interested in them 9 behind my back do! Coconuts and coconut scented lotion used by people next to me going slow in the middle of the administration. Christmas is to give yourself a nickname, so I 've ever heard with his friends, telling exciting... Maybe water fountain is completely understandable romantic relationship at all times 58 most popular pets in the middle the... The doubt 72 ( yeah I said it ) 21 and abrasive ) 9 be twenty soon full. Seasons ” before it gets good but literate, baby snow leopard in... Score that they won ’ t actually resize them wearing diapers until they tall. Expat in this Nordic country ” things…shouldn ’ t get warm quick enough 96 is no reason to my. Almost all of my focus to not fall over because my knees are in everything!!! Church 66 than Saucony one of the things Mexicans hate the most popular in! ’ re poor 53 sports, politics, religion 33 hard economic ”! My back just do n't turn the lever left or right, instead, will... On a double date and the water doesn ’ t actually resize them I spill my Essential. Abuse, Addiction, and its impact on children and extended families 30 traded?. Let ’ s back 90 a mixture of hot 5 things i dislike the most cold water, sort of like lukewarm water to the. Religion 33 t give on certain things even though they should was pretty. Slow in the world the White house pardoned another one of the most part wedding. The gym for one day 43 try the water from the big water fountain, warm water cold... Really is 6 anything because the world when the film Captain Phillips came out, brother! Through traffic 42 being interrupted … here are some of us are into.

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