Contagious Jihad: Turmoil in Central Asia

This book focuses on the impact of the Afghanistan-Pakistan conflict and recent large-scale military operations against Taliban militants and international jihadis on the neighboring independent Central Asian states. The study will provide policymakers with comprehensive historical background Continue reading


The Civil War in Tajikistan

One need see only the surface of events to know that Tajikistan is a country in turmoil. Rather than look at the outlines of the civil war in Tajikistan, this article will analyze the background to the conflict and will try to explain the rise of localism and ethnonationalism and the nature of their impact Continue reading


Central Asian Emigres in Afghanistan: First Wave (1918-1932) Part I


Events that took place in Central Asia from 1918 to 1931 in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution–the fall of the White Army, the defeat of nationalist and Muslim movements, and the establishment of Soviet rule with the cruelty and violence peculiar to “socialism”–caused the mass emigration of people of various cultural traditions and national and political orientations. Continue reading