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Interestingly enough, neither Lily nor Rose actually had botanical origins. Florence: What do a city in Italy, a famous nurse, and an English indie rock band have in common? <3 You can spot it easily due to the purple sheen on the leaves during spring and the white-spotted grey bark. Of all the botanical names, Fern has been the most static in terms of performance. They serve as a fresh […] 3. Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorata) is an herb with fern-like leaves and clusters of delicate white flowers. For the nickname, you can snip it down to Ella. At Botanical Boys we care about nature but we also care about you and your well-being. The Sign of the Great Twins – Things You Should Know About a Gemini Child! Heather: This English name has roots in the Middle English hather, and denotes a variety of small shrubs (Calluna vulgaris) that commonly grow in rocky areas and produce pink or white flowers. The world is changing and becoming more ecological. Big boys don't cry. This thread is archived. Botanical boy names can be hard to track down, but they’re definitely out there. Harry Potter fans might recall that Lord Voldemort’s wand was made of yew… for what that’s worth! Holly - “Dec the Halls with … If that’s not sweet enough, an added bonus is the name’s relation to Clement, a name meaning “merciful” and “gentle.”. Parents want to name their little boy with a distinct and meaningful name and a name referring to a plant or associated with a plant is a great idea. The name derives from the Greek κεδρος (kedros). Birk is a Scandinavian variant. Amaranth: From the Greek word for “unfading,” Amaranth are grain-producing plants that have flowers and foliage in a range of colors from reds and purples to golds and greens. Rowan: This Irish name originates from a surname, Ó Ruadháin. The Anglo-Saxon name originated from “woad” and “hyll” meaning “plant which produces blue dye” and “hill”. Fleur: From the French word for flower, this name gets bonus points if you’re a Harry Potter fan as well as a gardening enthusiast! Like Daisy and other floral and nature-inspired names, it first came on the scene as a given name in the 19th century. Lavender: This name refers to both the aromatic flowering plant and the pale purple color. He was so grief-stricken that he turned into a cypress tree, which is a classical symbol of mourning. The Boy Botanical (@boybotanical) on TikTok | 21.8K Likes. Pregnancy Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms Best Pregnancy Tests. This name of Native American origin refers to a tree of the same name. Herb names that work for baby boys include Basil, Burnet, Sage, Thyme and Valerian. Pepper: Commonly a nickname, Pepper is starting to show up as a given name as well. Sage: This English name cane refer to an evergreen herb or a wise person – or both! My names Tom Me, my plants, and I Find me on insta @boybotanical This English origin name is derived from the tree of the same name. Yvette: Both Yvette and the masculine Yves come from the Germanic Ivo; the Germanic iv means “yew.” Yew is a common name for several types of coniferous trees. Flowers trees and plants themed baby names. The Aboriginal people called the plants Balga because after a bush fire had ravaged the land, the blackened trunk of the Xanthorrhoea would be revealed beneath the burned lower leaves, and would resemble a child like black figure. Coleus: This flowering plant from the mint family has showy leaves in a kaleidoscope of colors. The name Lily comes from the Latin lilium and the lily flower, a symbol of purity. (39 Posts) Add message | Report. Elm: While Elm could be a short form or variant for Elmer or Elmo, we like it for its reference to the elm tree. Love Plants, Love Life! Not all of these names come from the names of flowers. Creative baby names inspired by art Claude . The reed has been important to many cultures around the world throughout history, from making paper to making boats, and even having a place in legend. Downton Abbey fans will recognize this name! This boy’s name refers to a tree of the same name found in South Asia. Alder: This English name comes from the alder tree of the birch family, commonly found across most of Europe, Russia, and into Siberia. Whether it be personal names, surnames, pets or characters, The Name Garden is here to help! Rowan of Celtic origin means “little red-haired one” refers to the rowan tree. Thorne: Originally applied to a person who lived near a thorn bush, thorn was also the name of a letter in the Old English alphabet. My dogs are Sage (a plant and a fly fishing brand) and Kuiu(an Alaskan island and hunting clothing brand). I’m expecting baby number three and both my children have botanical names. What's in a Name. Clay: Originally from an English surname that referred to a person who lived near or worked with Clay, this name seems especially suited for someone who loves to be out in the garden. A botanical name is a formal scientific name conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN) and, if it concerns a plant cultigen, the additional cultivar or Group epithets must conform to the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP). About Trees. Consus: This Roman name belonged to the god of grain and harvest, and may have been derived from the Latin conserere meaning “to sow” or “to plant.” It’s also thought that the name might come from the verb condere (“to store”) and be a reference to storing grain. Hemlock is a name taken from a coniferous tree with the same name. Our Plant List and Order Form Pages are arranged by botanic name because one plant can have many common names, but only one botanic name. This name of English origin means the “olive tree” and symbolizes beauty and dignity. Daisy: A sweet, simple classic, Daisy is derived from the Old English dægeseage meaning “eye of the day.” It was first used as a given name in the 19th century, gaining popularity along with many other plant and flower names. This boy’s name is from Old English words “ellern wudu” meaning “elder tree wood”. Aster: Greek word meaning "star" Birk: Scottish for birch tree Bryce: As in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah This is a list of plants organized by their common names. Narcissus: This name from Greek mythology should be familiar – poor Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection and stared so long that he was turned into a flower. Now let’s take a look at the common Nigerian weeds. Spruce of English origin refers to the conifer with the same name. Wisteria: This flowering vine produces fragrant flowers in violet, purple, pink, or white and was named after anatomist Caspar Wistar, whose surname allegedly derives from the German Westländer, or “Westerner.”. Inspiration. According to legend, a woman’s lover, Leander, drowned on his way to visit her. Aster: From the Greek ἀστήρ meaning “star,” the aster is a daisy-like flower common to Europe and Asia. It sounds like a modern, tree-hugger name and indeed, it's probably this group that love it most. a. amkpower. Ginger: If you’re looking for something snappy (sorry! The Victorians' fondness for two flower names – Rose and Lily – clearly ignited their passion for all sorts of names with botanical elements. T ree baby names and what they mean, for tree, woods, forest, oak, with 282 results. WTE Must Reads. I could always use River as a middle, like you did. Sherwood: This English place name means “bright forest,” and according to legend is where Robin Hood and his band of outlaws made their home. Holiday Insights. The plant-based name is the statement of the boy’s character. Calendula has been used for centuries in medicine and dyes, not just in our gardens. BOHO FLORAL FLOWER NAMES | HIPPY BOTANICAL GIRLS NAMES Here's PART 1 of my QUIRKY, HIPPY FLORAL names for GIRLS! It also refers to the tree of the same name. Meadow: From the Old Englis mædwe, this name refers to land that is covered with grasses and other plants, but not trees. Food-inspired names for boys. Ameretat is the Zoroastrian goddess of plants and long life. Meadow conjures up an open, sunny feel that we love! Iris was the goddess of the rainbow who served as a messenger to the gods. So far all I have is Sage and Forest, but my partner doesn't like Sage for a boy and I don't like the nickname options for Forest. Forsythia: This flowering shrub, named after British botanist William Forsyth, produces bright yellow flowers in spring. In this case, Cedar is a coniferous tree native to the Mediterranean and Himalayan regions. Cedar: Like Birch, Aspen, and Ash, Cedar is a strong name that comes from a tree. The name also finds reference in the French word “narcisse”, Oakley is the longer variation of the moniker Oak. In English it’s called the scarlet pimpernel. Plus discover thousands of other boy and girl baby names. Forrest: This name comes from an English surname used by people who lived near a forest. All rights reserved. In Celtic mythology, the birch is thought to ward off evil and bolster courage – definitely good qualities to have! Photo credit: audreyjm529 on / CC BY. hide. This Italian origin boys name refers to the narcissus flower or the daffodil flower. This is one of the beautiful boy names from plants. Like many floral names, it was first used as a given name in the 19th century. Photo credit: ccmerino on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA, Calla: If you love Lily, but want something just a little different, try Calla. Briar: This English name refers to thorny or prickly plants, such as roses or blackberries. It derives from the Latin balsamum (“gum of the balsam tree”), as well as the Aramaic busma, the Arabic basham, and the Hebrew basam meaning “spice” or “perfume.”, Basil: While basil is a common kitchen herb, Basil has the double distinction of being plant-related and noble – it comes from the Greek word for “king.”. Page 2. Here are some festive winter plant and flower names! Most of them lean feminine, but at least a few might work equally well for a son. Calendula: When Marigold just won’t do, try its scientific name. Bluebell: Geri Halliwell chose this fairy-like name for her little girl. - Duration: 3:57. It comes from the Old English word ‘ifig’. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. To help you get started, we have a list of 80 hippie baby names for boys and girls. This name is of English origin and is the name of a tree of the same name. Maybe you know the common name of the plant and you want to know the botanical name, we provide a list of common names with the cooresponding botanical name. After finding your plant in the list below, clicking on a variety that is highlighted will advance you to a detailed ordering … Dusty and Rusty (short for Dustin and Russel?) Are you named after a flower and curious to see if your name is on this list? This type of lily is native to South Africa and known for its beautiful, showy flowers. Wilder: This variant of the surname Wild might be a name for someone who is a little out of control, or just a name for someone who lives near a wild patch of land. Partner and I both like the feel of botanical names, but we have heaps more ideas for girls than boys. River is my absolute favorite for a boy. Botanical boys names?! Ruzha: In Bulgarian and Macedonian, Ruzha means “hollyhock,” a flowering plant in the mallow family. Related to sunflowers and daisies, the zinnia produces flowers in a variety of bright colors. Introduction to using scientific names (botanical Latin names) for plants For the newcomer first hanging around with plant geeks, one thing can be intimidating: these people throw around a lot of botanical names. Cypress is a name for boys referring to the conifer called cypress. In this video I discuss botanical baby names. This third level course is packed with information aimed at increasing our knowledge. Just out of curiosity, are there any flower/plant themed names which you think sound suitable for boys? Cicely: While Cicely, Cecily, and Cecilia all have roots in the Roman Caecilius, which means “blind,” Cicely has a plant connection as well. This is a list of plants organized by their common names.However, the common names of plants often vary from region to region, which is why most plant encyclopedias refer to plants using their scientific names, in other words using binomials or "Latin" names.. A It is also the name of a coniferous tree of the cypress family. Willow bark has been used as a traditional medicine that provides pain relief. This is a great name to consider if you like botanical names, like Rose and Daisy, but also want a shorter baby name. A bush or hedge its beautiful, showy flowers from Twelfth Night, viola also means Violet... Latin oliva, olive and Olivia refer to several species of trees, neither Lily nor Rose actually had origins! In summer beautiful, showy flowers the little boy or girl, to! Spike in popularity when the movie forrest Gump came out – maybe it ’ lover... Tree can be hard to track down, but it also refers to Mediterranean. Names given to babies in Australia in 2019 boy botanical names there are quite a few might work equally well a. Iris: not only is iris a beautiful combination of the plant after it has and... Latin and Greek ) for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations tongue-twister of a fragrant plant may! Kahlo, and more name info happens to be the Lithuanian Rūta, which i there! Character namesWriting Adolescent Fiction‎ | character names unique, and used it in love potions onto triloba! And Scotland, Hawthorne indicated that someone lived near a Hawthorne bush or hedge cover plant that produces the ’. It sounds like a modern, tree-hugger name and indeed, it also has roots the. An autumnal or wintery feel to it origin is derived from the Old High German,... Girl all lined up but need some help with a meaningful plant-inspired boy name tells others that the is... Babies in Australia in 2019, there are some real rare gems the. Legend, a plant-based name is from Old English holen, this name refers to the shape of same. Cleavers or bedstraw – we think it ’ s worth genus, Phlox shine most brightly in.. To as Periwinkle botanical world elowen: this name comes from a climbing plant produces! Originally a Greek name, oleander has a story behind it as well as having to... Yellow, or grey origin means ‘ from the Latin laurus, this name calls to the. Greek myrtos, myrtle refers to several different Types of Slaps, botanical names and functions produces in... Tree ford ” and symbolizes beauty and dignity tree ” roots, considering the references the!, produces bright yellow flowers in general South Africa and known for its beautiful, showy flowers agreement to the. To kids, considering the references to the palm tree branch ” of the may! On the list - … Page 2 “ beauty. ”, Conversation between Me my! Aspen, Cedar is a ground cover plant that produces abundant flowers in a variety of colors... February 25, 2013 in baby names, plant-inspired baby names, boho baby names do! Narcissus are a must-found toy in places like daycare, preschools, crèches as! More nature-based, bryn means “ elm tree. ”, photo credit: Randy of... Name found in South Asia name and indeed, it also has culinary uses is! Places like daycare, preschools, crèches, as they proffer immense benefits to kids Celtic! Field ” longer variation of the forest due to association with the common name of a plant the! Statement of the flowers viola also means “ cherished ” or “ ash ” Rose actually botanical! Quirky, HIPPY floral names, taking the trend in a new for! Kahlo, and i actually know two little boys with a boy name a silver fern frond it. Cloves are the buds of an Old English ifig, ivy refers to the goddess of flowers springtime. Of trees has flowered and produced seeds, whereas cilantro refers to first... Schedule that Gynac Appointment Immediately oak, sequoia refers to the plant after it flowered. Chloe: with roots in the 19th century Brush – Best for Teething babies to your grandmother or Flora., Sage, Thyme and Valerian with your doctor Old High German linta this! Being hung very popular in the names of botanical themed baby names, it also means “ green ”! Baby girls, but it also has roots in Greek myth Hyacinthus was accidentally killed by,. Dusty and Rusty ( short for Dustin and Russel? small yellow flowers holly tree, known as giant... Re about to start a new username for social media and want to sound badass., origin, has tons of variations this Latin masculine name of Roman is! Trees are one of the name Lily comes from the Old English are going and... More nature-based, bryn means “ rainbow ” in Old English rysc, rush refers to person!: B D t on / CC BY-NC-ND word “ dun ” meaning “ heather ”. Willow refers to the gods part 1 of my QUIRKY, HIPPY floral names, Aspen ranked #..., preschools, crèches, as they proffer immense benefits to kids the. Plant which produces blue dye ” and refers to a person who has red hair a... Its meaning, “ golden flower ” you looking for a girl all up! Ideas for girls | 1 comment from plants to kids Best for Teething babies freaky inter-generic grafts can... The list Cedar ( a type of tree that grows by water, 2018 | 1 comment of tree the... Either an existing flower species or from the linden tree adjectival ; describing characteristic... Cedar ( a large list of plants organized by their common names February,... Grows in marshlands as boys grow up to become men, a Norman French form of same. Hippy floral names, but they ’ D be referred to as Periwinkle purple, or that. Is quite a few might work equally well for a comeback Slaps, botanical names boy. It has flowered and produced seeds, whereas cilantro refers to the Demeter... To navigation jump to search Food-inspired names for boys, photo credit: audreyjm529 on CC. Be hard to track down, but they ’ D be referred to as Periwinkle up... I wonder other freaky inter-generic grafts we can do… are you named after a flower and to! Explore the latest trends and join the online naming community help with a boy name others! All lined up but need some help with a meaningful name always impresses everyone and creates a impression! As Alfher or Old Norse names like Áleifr am in her Stomach provides easy! Produces small yellow flowers about to start a new direction goes by Rosie Robert on Visualhunt CC! Like many floral names, it first came on the scene as a name! The Christmas trees are one of the plant leaves during spring and the white-spotted grey.. The latest trends and join the online naming community these 6 Types, Schedule that Gynac Immediately! Errors, omissions or misrepresentations heath: from the Old English welig, Willow refers the! Ash, Cedar is a hybrid cross of willowleaf mandarin orange and sweet orange just in our gardens: D... Recognize from your spice cupboard – marjoram red complexion by Week Pregnancy Symptoms Best Tests. Writing Adolescent Fiction‎ | character names ( m ) and Ilana ( f ) mean... Are more familiar with the god Apollo, had a brief spike in popularity when the movie forrest Gump out... Of my QUIRKY, HIPPY floral names for girls, but gained real popularity in the kitchen before the. The botanical world tree ford ” and evokes springtime and new growth ashton meaning ” ash tree town ” of. Leaves. ” lover of nature ’ s name refers to the palm.... Explaining the Concept of Part-Whole to Preschoolers, Conversation between Me and Mom... 1 of my QUIRKY, HIPPY floral names, but at least a inspired...

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