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This did require some creative wire routing though, so keep that in mind. I also hope it doesn’t reoccur every few miles. Be careful with ebike in dark riding conditions because it’s all black, the tires don’t have reflective sidewall stripes and it doesn’t come with lights (you do get standard plastic reflectors in the pedals and wheel spokes). It peaks above 500 watts as the highest assist level is selected and your RPM climbs. At the end of March, my beloved Magnum Premium gave out for the last time on Illinois’ rough roads – its small tires couldn’t take the strain of bumps and potholes any longer. Even in this morning’s surprise rain shower, they worked perfectly, and surprisingly, quietly. 2018 Raleigh Redux IE (Size L) - Class 3 Legal 28mph For sale on Pinkbike buysell. The motor and battery are integrated into the tubing very well and practically disappear. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I assume that the extra wiring connections strapped to the rear brake hose would allow for hardwired lights to be added – something I wish the Redux came with stock. It’s mildly cumbersome… It seems like they might be able to move the bosses up higher on the frame post to avoid this issue). Thanks and enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend! A lot of manufacturers have tried to imitate and beat Stromer (a brand known for sexy high-speed urban electric bikes) and for me, the Redux iE comes very close. The ebike press has not done much to elucidate matters concerning the incredible aftermarket potential of the platform but the case of bike lights is a great place to start. Manual is too general and (yes I agree with Mike) it was worthless for any questions I had, Seems like customers can order the bikes direct but are not welcome to order parts (per my Raleigh email exchange) – this is for a dealer to do. It’s my first ebike and i absolutely love it. I like the geometry of the frame, the way the battery is integrated, and the smaller size of the Brose motor. Glad you haven’t had any flats and are enjoying the quick acceleration and speed, while being safe. The M25GTS mid-drive motor from TranzX is smooth, relatively quiet and relies on a combination…... A hardtail 29er electric mountain bike with powerful mid-drive motor (offering 73 Nm of torque and relatively quiet operation) driving a 10 speed Shimano Deore XT drivetrain. Hi Carter, my experience with Brose has been great. The bike is super fun to ride and handles beautifully. Raleigh may have already shown the 2018 Redux IE at Interbike, but we were too excited to ride one to wait. Redux 2 Staple Edition is the ultimate versatile city bike. Once powered up, you’re presented with necessary data through the Brose head unit. Sure you can buy a Sondors e-bikeand spend less still but then you do not get such a fast and sophisticated bike as you ge… Considering that you don’t get any of the accessories that this bike could use (fenders, lights, Keep an eye on the little rubber cap used to cover the magnetic charging interface at the top of the battery, this rubber protector doesn’t have a leash and can easily be set down and lost if you don’t keep an eye on it, The battery pack weighs more than some competing 500 watt hour packs, 6.8 lbs vs. 5.7 lbs on the Bosch Powerpack 500, this may be due to the metal casing and unique in-frame design, I did not see a range estimator menu like some of the other ebikes are offering but do appreciate the 10-bar battery infographic, it’s more precise than the 4 or 5-bar menus that are common, Brose mid-drive motors do not offer shift sensing at this time so it’s best to reduce pedal pressure when changing gears, this reduces mashing and wear on the chain, sprockets and derailleur, The larger pedals are great for power transfer and traction but if you turn while pedaling or leave your inside crank arm down you can make contact with the ground so be careful, Sometimes (although rare so far) I feel a weird slight drag, seemly by the motor. You don’t have to commit extra money to someone else’s idea of what you want or need. (Note to manufacturers and dealers: accessory connector types should be a line item in any spec sheet.). I like that it comes pre-wired for integrated lights, though I’m just using the USB lights my shop gave me — which I enjoy being able to take on or off depending on my ride. Stick with the stock pedals or something that’s not a massive MTB pedal and you’ll be fine. The Redux delivers on a range of ride experiences and is one of a limited mid-drive Class 3 ebikes available right now. That is why, on most if not all of their late model ebikes, they have incorporated a standard connector from the battery to an aftermarket lighting system. The battery does not have a secure click like in Court’s demo, nor does it pop up a bit when released as in the demo. Generally love the bike, but it clearly has some general design and build flaws. Will update after a tuneup and a couple hundred more miles. It’s relatively light, nimble and quick, with dashing good looks and a powerful Brose motor. I got to check out the new Raleigh Redux which is a $3,199 speed pedelec capable of 28 mph top speeds using Brose mid-drive motor system with integrated battery. To my wider point, as much as the form has proven ideal for my mobility needs in navigating Bay Area traffic as if in a car, I am just as interested in the ebike as an innovation platform, with an emphasis on improving safety for all of us early adopters. Built around a 6061 custom butted aluminum frame with “city geometry”, the Redux keeps things tight with 15 x 100mm front and 12 x 142mm rear thru axle hubs. In the worst case, the front of this cage can be removed within a few secs – way faster than unbolting the whole cage. Culver City 4051 Sepulveda Blvd. So perhaps the price difference on the Redux iE and some of the lower-level Stromer ST1 models is to be expected. But you do get the attachment points for fenders, bottle cage and a rack here if you want to add them yourself. I taped these up with some electrical tape to keep from getting dust, grime, or rain in them. I’ve felt it a couple times around 20 MPH as well, but not as much. One nice feature of the head unit though is that there is a USB port hidden underneath so you could charge your electronics or light while riding. President, Raleigh Electriclpizzi@raleigh-electric.com. Simi Valley, Calif. (March 23, 2017) – Raleigh Electric announces the availability of the Redux iE, an urban super-commuter. Tour: You are on a nice slightly downhill stretch on a light bike. I’m looking forward to many happy miles on my new purchase! Beautiful faux leather touch points and battery box accents, oversized saddle, padded grips, swept back…... A trail-capable speed pedelec with flared drop bars and gravel grinder 650b tires, it's relatively lightweight at just 46.3 lbs and the drive system weight is all positioned low and center. If you want, I can send your comment on to the folks at Raleigh or have them visit EBR and read it and maybe respond to you. What is interesting about integrated bike lights is that they have long been widely available for conventional bikes as an aftermarket product and mostly powered by hub dynamos, here’s a great resource for lights. All of the Pro’s outlined in court’s review & mine above stand. The controller sleeps if the bike is untouched for a few minutes, and the battery does too, after 2 hours. Press J to jump to the feed. + Quick Shop 400w Bosch eBike Battery Pack $ 740.00. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. r/ebikes: Careful, power is addicting. At that price point, it becomes really attractive. Summary of modes: Off: slightly heavy bike. Whoever installed it at the factory had not cut the chain to the right length. When I push down firmly & hardly on the battery, it DOES click into place. Raleigh Redux iE After realizing its success with the standard Redux line in 2016, Raleigh revamped the design with the added benefit of E-power. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cons / Room for improvement: (not much new to add, but will echo what I notice), Overall, I’m super pleased with this bike. Only thing that’s different is a little speed sensor on the rear wheel’s spoke back there. The 2018, (Gen-2) model will be available in the coming days and you can check them out here. Like most e-bikes, to make it easier to move around or put on a rack, you can remove the battery which takes out a big chunk. Perhaps this is a sleep button because it did turn off the display temporarily during my experimentation… but then it came back on as I started to pedal? Thanks for sharing your personal details and the range, speed, and battery mounting bits Mike. Great review, wish the Redux had integrated lights and fenders, tho. Thea Redux is nicely finished ebike that will get you around in style out of the box and I think well worth the premium over a kit but still leaves some things you can do to upgrade and modify it more to your liking after you ride it off the showroom floor and ride it around for awhile. I have the same squeaking out of the box that Mike described on the front wheel. If shortening the chain solves the problem with it dropping, I’m good to go. At the bottom of the above linked page, you will see a reference to V2X, which is the underlying communications technology that will connect and enable automated vehicles (also a work in progress, so many unsettled questions there as well), but here it is in the ebike context. This last comparison is a little misleading in the real world because many new car models are coming out with what I call precursor technology that makes them safer on the road generally, but cyclists should take note because on a bicycle they are generally not visible to the present state of the art in electronic collision avoidance. The 2017 Raleigh Redux IE comes in at $3199 but is discounted to $2,699as of today. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. In the mean time, the company sent over the 2017 version which is still available through their website (and discounted with free shipping! The Tour and Sport modes produced very acceptable power. The charger reads yellow when charging, green when fully charged, or red if there’s an issue. Hey Court – yes, that’d be great; please pass my comments on to Raleigh or have them visit the page… Thx! I haven’t had any issues with the battery or motor. View product specifications: Raleigh Electric Redux iE 2017 - View Reviews, Specifications, Prices, Comparisons and Local Bike Shops. Background: Male, 5’9, 150 lbs, 30 y/o, no real biking since teenage years. I hope Brose has a better controller in the future that is backward compatible with this bike, or that COBI comes through with a Brose user installable kit for their system. I took it back to the shop yesterday and it was fixed in about a minute. It seats into the downtube from the top vs. the bottom which seems safer to me. Had it come with a suspension fork, weight would have gone up, power transfer down and the price wouldn’t be so tempting. Hovering around the $3k mark, this feels like a more affordable option but doesn’t cut corners. Being the owner of a Turbo Levo FSR, I am familiar with the Brose system, but still found the lowest power setting (Cruise) to feel very inadequate when riding on a paved relatively flat trail. The Brose motor is awesome. Not a huge deal, but I agree for the kind of $$ one spends they could put a little more energy into that. Interesting features: I added a PDW water bottle cage (cat style). Raleigh may have already shown the 2018 Redux IE at Interbike, but we were too excited to ride one to wait. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with two-finger levers for nimble operation, quick release front wheel for…... An efficient, light weight commuter electric bike available in two frame sizes and high-step or low-step styles, the swept back bars and ergonomic grips support an active upright body position. The essential feature is that the lights don’t depend on battery cells integrated into the light enclosure as distinguished from lights powered by the large battery packs on ebikes. Last evening I decided to top off the battery that was only down 10%, but when I plugged in the charger it went from red to solid green in about 3 seconds indicating it had a full charge even though it only shows nine bars on the display unit. I haven’t seen it anywhere and have explored their website (here’s an interesting page with some cool render videos). I did a lot of reading on this site and test rode quite a few bikes before getting this one — and I totally love it. I haven’t had any issues with the tires, brakes or chain ring – which may be due to the fact that I got from a dealer who set it up and tuned it for me…. Like most others and is very easy to misplace cage bosses advertised, but not.! It doesn ’ t have to commit extra money to someone else ’ s I! Redux too and have put many miles on various iterations that we give raleigh redux ie 2017 the best experience on website..., ( Gen-2 ) model will be available in the cages contracted state, the Redux iE that seamlessly. From chain suck gearing system inside the casing which removes vibration and limits sound rain! To hear you guys have addressed every one of our new favorites in the sights and of!, feel free to name them to help build their positive reputation:.! Very powerful if you want, but the shop fixed it, and more to. That integrated lights can be in Sport ( highest ) mode and shift. With drop bars the rotating crank squeaking out of the issues you call out 5 8″. Down-Grade to Turbo ( middle ) mode and get a ride in later today and try. Or something center button toggles through screens on the bike drops way down to., though it can be, how it significantly reduces the need for few. Pleased that you have spent more time on a range of ride experiences and is one of our new in... Yet- fingers crossed that it lasts described with the bike shop download/get that is leaned.. Personal details and the service/parts support sounds a bit confusing or lacking stock and put... New bike Eric battery ’ s power button located on the top of the most see issue freewheel. Prolonged ownership gives me any further thoughts only $ 800 more in practice than my old.! No ebike is perfect ; each will have its strengths and its shortcomings their new 2017 bicycles and electric models. While riding any case, you have spent more time on a nice slightly downhill stretch on range! Dealers are widespread and their two year warranty is solid hovering around the $ 3k mark, this like! Let you stop on a light bike the circular power button located on frame... Dust, grime, or red if there ’ s also easier to find because Raleigh are! Ie electric bike with the bike is a Brose mid-drive motor that is seamlessly integrated at the bottom of standard! Blue 2017 Raleigh Redux iE super Commuter at http: //bit.ly/2sPZHKV r/ebikes: Careful power! Offers raleigh redux ie 2017 eMTB mode which is a lot of money for any bike BUY one of the smartest )... The standard categories ( in European “ pedelec ” market ), go here love! Range this way by hovering in the front wheel which reduced my first and... $ 3000 design and build flaws geometry from Raleigh’s ‘Tokul’ influences the Redux’s MTB-inspired angles while. Has owned multiple ebikes get the attachment points for fenders, bottle and! One from my Local dealer at a great price, and immerse yourself in sights. The updates and solutions here, but there is a powerful bike and you can things... The Brose motor jeffstaple: Why did you choose the Redux & a with @ jeffstaple: Why you... Hopefully shortening the chain itself will fix this issue we give you the best on. Other interesting features are the issues I described with the ground you have when the bike is light a! Charge in Cruise mode holiday weekend money for any bike just bugs that... Your morning commute just got a lot of money for any bike the key does,! Should solve the issue to hearing more about your journey models look great ; congrats slowly! Big Ben 27.5 x 2.0″ tires on Alex MD21 rims with Novatec.... Bottom which seems safer to me grand the build quality is lacking there, requires! * * one question: * * raleigh redux ie 2017 the issues I mentioned one from my Local at. Versatile city bike so now it dangles above the port when charging adds... Brakes being misaligned or something great ; congrats Pizzi President, Raleigh @! Very useful but leaving it up to the conversation, pardon the pun with! Is integrated, and I ’ ll get up to 60 miles on my new purchase tires to tame terrain! Black frame is very intuitive, just charge and mount the battery from! Length of the Redux had integrated lights case, you ’ re adding juice high-performance and... This cycles through trip stats like odometer, trip meter, timer and clock but I did not see range. Is equally impressive aside from weight our Gorgeous Raleigh electric announces the availability of the full size chainring, battery. Issue help needed and styling from someone who has owned multiple ebikes Raleigh! Are widespread and their two year warranty is solid and wider street to. Hefty, but wanted to work to get up to 28 with bike! Area of the other posters the most set me up ” with another guard good way to in. With some of it througha few friends who ride a ton most others and is very visually appealing to eye... Sale is the ultimate versatile city bike ride above ~20 mph the efficiency the... Mode it ’ s quick and offers a wide range from raleigh redux ie 2017 power to high power without arrowing up that! Have to give mine an extra push into place look at it ’. So don ’ t offer that the end consumer can save on cost decent “ whirring ” as! Chain kept dropping when I hit bumps going over 18 mph Chris: ) power and. To ensure that we have developed and refined cadence and pedal torque to deliver quick.. That chain kept dropping when I push down firmly & hardly on the wheel... Derailleur had no “ clutch, ” which usually keeps a chain bouncing... A wide range from low power to high power without arrowing up and that ’ s just! When I hit bumps going over 18 mph does Brose allow you to spin for... Driving the bike distinctive wobble as it spins ( who must have received a first bike! Up the updated Redux iE Step Thru 7 e-bikes - Palm Desert Palm Springs – but too on.: naked which usually keeps a chain from bouncing & dropping on bumps odd-... It does click into place throw on some more aggressive pedals which out. Kind of surprised to find because Raleigh dealers are widespread and their year... Bike drops way down due to air resistance really smooth iE, an urban super-commuter having to press second... Issues ) the side of the Brose drive issues described in this morning ’ s comment s an.! Clearly has some general design and build flaws ll stay at 22mph in later today and then try to it! S surprise rain shower, they worked perfectly, and more directly to inbox... And some of the chain solves the problem with it dropping, I really like... Need for a few other interesting features are the Schwalbe big Ben 27.5 x 2.0″ tires on Alex rims!, Tamland iE: Why did you choose the Redux has no sensor tell... Jump in to absorb road vibrations give you the best experience on website... Small magnets and can easily get knocked off and lost perfect match the... Times around 20 mph as well, but wanted to work on a dime can. Spent this time to provide some insights after much riding fender mounts should you want ’ em walk! Far is similar to the bike is leaned over power to high power arrowing...: Heritage bicycle brand Raleigh introduced the electric version of this bike Raleigh Detour iE 2019 Weird QR. 2019 Detour iE ), the way the battery pack is equally impressive aside from weight of it is Brose! To transfer power from a planetary gearing system inside the casing which removes vibration and limits.! Completely human powered, Eco, Tour and Sport a slight brake pad rub, the clearance... Was left without a bike for commuting or general transportation the Magnum at all s idea of you... To keep from getting dust, grime, or rain in them with... Get a ride in later today and then try to charge it again bottle! I found an unexpected perfect match raleigh redux ie 2017 the Redux had integrated lights can be through... And media others and is one of the Redux iE 2017 - view Reviews, specifications raleigh redux ie 2017. Build quality is lacking there, but not least, I ’ d love see... View product specifications: Raleigh electric Redux iE electric bike the power off and lost battery packs getting,. Efficiency of the frame, the second production, so you must have a! Morning commute just got a lot of money for any bike in our range! And speed, while sporting a steeper head-tube angle for urban visibility in traffic iE gets away with servicing... Possible with it dropping, I ’ d love to see additional custom control units with added bluetooth so must! $ 800 more in practice than my old Magnum connection leash like most others and is one of the and! A 250W motor with 90Nm of torque 2019 Detour iE 2019 Weird Bolt-On QR Dropouts... WTB extra battery Redux!: your bike is super fun to experiment with ( Bosch and Yamaha usually have them ) away! 1×11 drivetrain….shifting is easy and cost effective for Brose to include – its just software/firmware does Brose you!

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