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hahaha You're correct, Dawn! I would love to have the chance to diet with it again. Can you please send me the original WW info. dlpmas@gmail.com. Thank you, Hi guys, could o please have a copy of the quick start diet please. Had to cut my lunch toast in half to make a cheese sandwich! What I am now looking for our the actual 2 weeks diet/menu plan that takes you what to eat. Weigh out 1 oz of hard cheese and put it between the 2 slices of bread like a cheese sandwhich. Thankyou all so very much for the original WW diet plan...if anyone in the world:) has the small original (yellow&white:) official diet booklet - (men, women, children) I would generously pay even for a copy of it!! Thanks. To your Wellness, Joy, and Bliss. Please send it to diasign@att.net I would really appreciate being able to follow that plan again. Please send me whatever you can for the original WW diet plan. Have moved several times over the years but some how after our last move lost the books I so desperately want. Here is a food-to-points converter that we ran across http://www.calculatorcat.com/free_calculators/weight_watchers_calculator.phtml It looks as if it's calculating based on the last 2 points systems WW used. Remembering the 1970's Weight Watchers Program | Jill 4 Today - Duration: 11:45. Join millions who have lost weight with MyPlate - the most user-friendly way to track your food and exercise on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. And always will. Day 6 BREAKFAST Wheat flakes with peach 1 bowl wheat flakes (40g) with 1 cup skim milk, topped with 1 peach, sliced 2 tsp LSA (linseeds, sunflower seeds and 1 almonds) ... 1 Weight Watchers Nut Bar, all flavours (34g) 2 3 3 1 3 1 3 3 2 1 3 4 7 4 6 4 4 4 4 4 0 3 5 3 2 6 Filling & Healthy foods are marked by … Also that a few carbs make me feel so much better. I have recently had an hysterectomy and need to shed some weight. does anyone have that recipe? I went back to WW in 2010ish and all they talked about was how many chocolate kisses they could eat for all their daily points. I have beseech looking for this for so many years. If anyone needs help, I am here to contribute! I put my email in and it said I'm already in the plan, but I'm not. in Social Groups. If I owe you anything please let me know. So glad I found this website and friends who feel like me. Fruits were divided into three groups, one fruit daily (cantaloupe, tangerine, grapefruit, etc. Would you be able to provide me with just week1 from 1991? Do not like the points system! Please send me the particulars of the old 1960s Weight Watchers program. Basics of the Weight Watchers Food Based Exchange Weight Loss Program. I'm 17 stone 2lbs and have set a goal weight of 12 stone in agreement with my doctor and have begun this amazing plan. The diet to be followed by diabetics is very similar to the WW program that I was on then. Very pleased to find this. Lynne, Have various WW publications Log … I am at a bad place right now and need to try something I feel will work. But, all the books are there. Thank you so much. I am looking for the full choice plan listing the sample menus for 7 days. Is there a way to still get them. Thanks. What do you … Hi. PER WEEK. Very interested in getting the Weight Watchers PDF Meal Plans from 1975. Snd sometimes if going out to eat eould save my exchanges for one meal. I left ages ago. WEIGHT WATCHERS PLAN......!!! Especially allowed vegetables, fruits, seasoning. I followed each day exactly and lost all the weight I wanted immediately. Thanks for you help.... Hello Lisa, I don't have the money to enroll and don't want to be forced to use a little gizmo to calculate points, etc. Also at a meeting in 80s someone gave recipe for carrot bran muffins with hardly any flour, no sugar, does anyone have it? this was the best plan and I had lost 20 lbs in a month. Thanks for your comment. Then i read on a website about someone else desperately searching for those elusive "booklets" and realised that although those things are rarer than hens teeth, if i could find the various bits of vital information on Quick Start and the tracker then maybe the rest would fall into place. I al interested in the entire WW program from 1991-92, including the entire manual. Unfortunately, I have lost mine and I really liked that plan. Too much to do. I lost 50 lbs back in 76-77 on the old plan. I received a copy of the food list and I know somewhere in the blog is the sheet where you mark everything down. Thank you! I was a member of the program out of Gouverneur, NY our leader was Debbie Mason. I'd greatly appreciate it! French stye green beans are unlimited. dinner: 4 oz beef, veg. I loved the old weight watchers program from 1990's. Alcohol is a tiger you put in a cage, lock it up and through away the key. Would you please send me the old weight watchers programme information . If that was your favorite and you can't find it, you may want to google diabetic exchanges and use that to guide you. Relevance. Hi can you send me you old program foodlist? This was the only way I have ever lost any weight, counting this and that doesn't work for me ......getting desperate now. Thank you in advance of helping him/, Hi I was going through all these old e,ails, but loved the old WW program, If you have it still available please send it to me and thanks.. any chance someone could email me the Food List for the exchange program? I remember weighing out my cereal,proteins etc.....it drove my family mad but it really worked. The company launched two highly ambitious weight loss plans, namely, The Quick Start and At Work Program.Both these programs increased popularity of the Weight Watchers program amongst office going crowd and the youngsters. Got my pins for reaching my goal. I started today but really want to do this accurately. Thank you for resurrecting the old WW plan. Then they switched to points. I have found two ways of eating seafood that are acceptable though. could i also get a copy of the orginal plan and daily menus, I sent one before and I got a reply but I don't know what else I am suppose to do. Also, current research is showing that having 1 sweet per day with breakfast correlates with higher weight loss over time and that weight stays off better. I lost 8 Pds in a 7 day week, (4 being water weight), but still. lets do this!!!! Although it's all in American measures etc, it's been easy to translate into UK measures. Thank you. Email. I lost 60 pounds on that diet in the early 70's and my weight is creeping back up so time to follow it again! then there is an app called "Food Tracker" and you can set how many breads, proteins, milks, etc - just like the old plan but in an app. Is there any way I could get from you a copy of the revised 1973 ww plan? Can someone please send me the restaurant food guide. Anyone who would like to participate in an online support group - drop us an email at forwardmotion411@outlook.com and we will set up a private site to hold an online support weight loss group. Best wishes, J xxx. What kind of bread can I have on the old program? Although successful on very high protein diets, they leave me feeling ill and lethargic. Hi Lisa, I lost 45 lbs on the old one. Same as mine from 1986, it lists all the information from the Exchange Program. Thelma does your copy have the daily menu plan -7 day plan and a list of exchanges? So excited to find this I also loved this plan I lost my little booklet that had all the food categories broken down and told you how much of each food was a serving. The beauty of this particular diet is it's structure, don't you think? I AM SO GLAD TO FIND THIS PAGE!!! You can see my original article for some insight into how flexible a diet can be and still be successful. As I recall, in the 70s, prior to their point and/or exchange system, the list of restricted veggies included starchy ones, such as peas, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, all legumes, yellow squash including pumpkin, beets. I was on this plan and it worked great for me since I need something very strict to follow. Still think that is the best version to learn portion control. I think we counted a serving of meat as 1 0z. does anyone have a copy of the ww diet that gave you a structured 4 week plan. The original plan also included one liver meal per week (especially for women) or an iron supplement was required. Thank you! Answer Save. That is fabulous!! I also have the original WW Food Lists from 1992 in a PDF file that I can email anyone who needs to refer to it. Hi Lynn. lol!! ;) lisa. would love to know how you found them and how you lost. It was a great program and you counted points. Hi Karen! It was the program I used and lost 40 pounds. About 1200 calories per day average. If anyone can forward by email that plan to me I will be very grateful. I never felt better or was in better health than on this diet. Back when i did this originally i hated fish .. substituted 3 oz cans of tuna in water … i lost 25 lbs (gained after stopping smoking when i was 30) in 25 weeks and kept it all off for over 30 years … recently i gained 10 lbs and want it gone so i Googled and found this .. thank you for sharing it .. i am now back on WW and hope to lose the 10 lbs as easily as the original 25 …. Please send it to me. They had to tell you behind the counter what you weighed. Just a quick reminder that - if you want a copy of the WW Food Plan - you simply need to complete the above form and it will be sent to you automatically! I have been looking for the old 1980's weight loss program from weight watchers and didn't have any luck until this morning. I believe I remember the portions correctly: servings. I just take the old WW plans system tracker with box check off sheet and copy many more days and sheets for me to keep track from my old Weight Watchers material. She ate a lot of salads, chicken etc. Starchy veggies had to be exchanged for bread. I am now facing a do or die health situation and do not need the freedom of these everything-goes plans that are out today. 1 cup skim milk or 1% fat milk. Maybe in place of a fruit. I would appreciate the pdf. 5 out of 5 stars (9) 9 product ratings - Meal Planner, Family, Plan,Easy, Notebook, Book,Full colour, Fun Cover,Slimming. Then after my last child I am not able to get to lose the weight and I just continue to gain. If anyone know of this diet or meal plan, could I please get a copy or let me know how I can get it. Hello Kristina, I have been searching for a long time for this. Please help. Thank you phyllis.oleary@gmail.com, I would love a copy of this weekly eating plan. Thank you very much. This plan is their old Simply Filling plan, slightly modified. Welcome, Mary! Any chance of getting a copy of the exchange program posted by Kelly on 8th August 2014. Google+. I'm sorry, but I don't. It was difficult at first but after losing 8lbs in my first week, i decided this was for me. It was the only system that worked. 3/4 cup nonfat yogurt . It would be greatly appreciated. Have you ever wondered what the old Weight Watchers Plan was like in the 1960s? Would love a copy please email me thank you. Thank you so so much! Thank you Christina for allowing me to have the list I made a request for the list and follow through with it. After being frustrated with the new fangled WW plan and disappointed with the point system, I longed for the original WW from the sixties and seventies, and was so sorry I cleaned out everything when we moved!!!!! This plan worked for me back in 1992, where I lost 45 pounds and kept it off all that time! Milk . So straightforward and simple. 2. I am looking for the plan and recipes from the early 70s.....please, Hi all I did WW with the booklets and calorie counting back in the 80's . FINALLY - in November 2016 I found cookbooks with the old plan in them. Being a clinical type, doing points simply doesn't work for me?? It felt good and I was able to continue losing weight. I am so sorry I gave my book away form the mid 1960's last year. I enjoy food that is fresh, not from a box. It was the best plan ever. PLEASE SEND A COPY OF PDF VERSION OF THE 1900 PLAN! Does anyone recall that? Can anyone help me? In the 80's and early 90's I lost over 20kg following it. Hopefully that will meet your needs. Tikane48@gmail.com. I wish I had all my original materials from back then! Tea, Hi Kristina could you please email me the original plan from the 1990's. I and many others remember the ease of following the original plan. It cost $2 per week and I was the youngest member. Hi Beverly, I wish I still had a copy of one of the Tracker Sheets - that is what worked for me. I was looking for this on the internet and found it on your website. The old WW is spot on. I feel like I spent hours planning and tracking and then I can't keep it going Sat & Sun. Went on the old program around 1989 fabulous. The plan really worked for me and have been searching for it. THANKS. I am having issues with the new versions. The points system is so irritating. Moving forward, if you would like one and haven't received it yet simply fill out the form at the bottom of the post and it will be sent to you automatically! I do not like the new one. Again thank you. Only very starchy vegetable are limited and we counted them as bread.= I would like the WW food lists and any other information on the 90's program. My problem is that I needed to follow it line by line in order to lose the weight. So thankful I found your websitem. Would like the pdf for the quick start program. It is here on this same site. Thank you! Am I missing something?? When can I expect this? Hi everyone. Kristina, Ww Recipes Great … Need to do it again. Ins on original WW, I was about 20 yrs old and found it easy to follow. 3 pieces of fruit a day with one consumed at breakfast. Hi fellow weight watchers! Thank you! I have looked everywhere n I think I lost them in a move. Thank you! Lost 70lbs on it!! beef or veal, 1/4c plus 2Tbps. I wasn't sure if my comment was posted. Just wanted to ask if I have gone about this the right way. This new point plus system is useless. I am looking for the pdf of old 1980s WW food plan. Put cheese sandwhich in the egg mixture, coat the sandwhich and cook it like French toast. 1/3 cup instant nonfat dry milk. Tried the points awhile back without success. thank you! As a Weight Watchers member, I decided to go on their CORE plan instead of counting POINTS. I agree with everyone the old way I lost weight , Thanks so much. I agree with you completely, JoAnna. Thank you. Can you help I am not very good on the computer and sometimes find it a bit confusing on how to get the food lists and don't know PHD anything will be a help Could you please send me a copy of the WW diet from the 80/90's. My email is Sunshine45826@yahoo, Please send me copies of the original plan. I look forward to hearing from you. ty, Looking for the 1990 5 step weight loss program. Hi I would really love the original weight watchers plan . ), Hello! Let us know what you and your sis find as differences, please. That would be totally awesome. Do you have a copy of the ww plan from the 80,s? When I see ''free foods'' I just eat them all day, that's no good to me. Thanks, I forgot to put my email in the above . the OLD WW plan was the only one I was ever successful with...and now need to get back to! Thanks! This plan worked for me before and I need it again. I am desperate to lose weight and found that this was the best diet I have ever tried. I venture to say that about 80% of dieters have that affliction, and are unable to successfully lose the weight and keep it off. Take care. Thanks. so far. I have been trying to locate the wwatchers 1986 program and the 6 week booklets. U could mix any breakfast with another mid morning snack? If you would send a copy of that PDF it would be much appreciated. sunshine45826@yahoo.com. Many blessings to you!! 1) Things that are pan seared and have some kind of citrus (usually squirt lemon or lime on them before you cook them) are much less awful tasting and 2) This recipe http://www.forwardmotion411.com/2/category/cilantro%20roasted%20salmon/1.html makes salmon actually tasty (as insane as that sounds) I'd reccomend trying it and if you hate it put it into a taco with black beans to mask the flavor of fish. Please send me the original WW diet and food list from back in the early 1990s with the number of ounces per portion pls. cottage cheese or4oz. I gave it to my Weight Watcher leader. This plan worked for me back in the 60's and although I didn't have lots to lose, it WORKED. Please feel free to contact me with email address if you want it. flakes,extracts flavorings,herbs,horseradish,hot sauce,lemon juice,mustard,pectin,pepper picante sauce,salt,seasonings spices,sugar substitutes,tamari,teriyaki sauce,unflavored gelatin,vinegar,worchestershire sauce,yeast this is all from the quick start program cookbook including the full exchange program dated 1984. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PRINTABLE ORIG. If you want one where you eat gazillion bananas that is very effective at helping you lose weight - check out the Satan Diet and the Cupcake Time Diet on this website. I lost 33 lbs. Early 90s And practically starved myself for the surgery. By Judy [643 Posts, … Levels were different too for men and youth. Please email me any information in regards to the old exchange plan on Weight Watchers. I found an old copy of the Quick Start cookbook that has most of the info in it. It comes in hardcover and three ring binder form. old Weight Watchers Selection Plan. Brenda, how did you get the old WW program? is this the program with the Quick Start menus? Judy, Hi Kristina can I get a copy of your information you are referring to above my email is dacushardware@tds.net 1 tbsp limited veg, 4oz. I walked 3 to 5 miles 6 days a week. I got to goal years ago and lost 100 lbs. Also, in the 1960's, there were no floating choices, or 750 extra calories. WW Pricing Plans and Packages. Thank you, I lost 15 lbs on it. I think I lent mine out years ago and can't find it anywhere. fats 3 a day margarine 1tsp, reduced=2tsp mayonnaise1tsp ,reduced2tsp vegetable oil 1tsp, salad dressings any type 11/2tsp protein 6 to 8 ozs daily yiu may have4 eggs aweek can have4ozs, hard cheese a week since peanut butter is has a high fat content 1 fat exchange must be omitted for each tbsp of peanut butter that you use. I have been encouraged to have surgery by a couple of doctors who clearly do not understand the psyche of career dieters. I lost 6 stone 40 years ago with the old weight watcher plan. Thank you. thank you! Thank you!!! 50. My college-age daughter and I are doing the very same thing right this minute. hahaha But the WW Original plan didn't provide loopholes and kept me on track so I saw success! Once I gave up on that and started eating better food, I lost weight more quickly but I don't really think I needed to lose all of the time in the learning curve.) 1984 Meat loaf recipe.....1/2c. Good luck. it was small booklet with several breakfast linch dinner options if u have, please send. HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!! Eventually, we hope to take the online support group to a different platform. It is meant to keep up with science as new info becomes available from the weight loss studies. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us! In reply to Weight Watcher’s Original Diet Plan, lisa said: Hello Kristina, Please forward a PDF of WW food list. it appears my metabolism has slowed. I am very interested in those. It is so good to feel not so all alone that there are others that still want the old food menu plan. Kristina's WW Food List is available at the touch of a button. Thanks. So pleased to have found this site. in 1992 and it was the best plan ever. I can't find mine and need to do it again. My sister and I joined I joined with her so she could lose weight back in about 1996 but I like this program better. i would love a copy of the quick start diet, that I love. If you get a chance, check out the Satan Diet that we've posted here. All you need to do is fill out the request box co-located with this article and the list will magically appear in your email! I know the book is here somewhere in my house. minced celery,1/2 c. water,1/2 green pepper seeded & minced 1pkt. I really have tried hard but nothing fits me. Old Weight Watchers Menu Plan for Women (Circa 1960s) Breakfast: 1 egg or 1 ounce hard cheese or 2 ounces fish or 1/4 cup cottage or pot cheese; 1 slice enriched bread Lunch: 4 ounces fish (canned or fresh) or lean meat or poultry or 2/3 cup (6 ounces) cottage cheese or pot cheese or 4 ounces farmer cheese or 2 ounces hard cheese or 2 eggs; All the unlimited vegetables you want; 1 slice … I lost over 80 lbs while I followed the diet. I tried the points system twice..too easy to eat things one shouldn't and hardly lost a thing. Alanja928@gmail.com. The diet was more than enough foods, yet highly structured, something I need to guide me. Report abuse. Thanks. Hate points, cannot lose weight, cannot stay on. - all you want #3 vegetables. My recollection is similar to Mary's. In order comply with FCC regulations (as any good bloggers do) I have to jump through certain hoops to send you things. Fish and chicken and eggs . I have been looking everywhere for this - my email is dacushardware@tds.net thank you in advance, Would like the pdf for the quick start program. When I was on this plan I was the healthiest I had ever been and many of my health issues completely disappeared. So many people seemed to succeed at losing the weight with the original plan. Hi Kristina, could you please forward me the original WW PDF. My memory has been jogged and along with this tracker you've linked on this page i think i've cobbled together the plan i so enjoyed and had such success with. Please send me weeks 1-10. Hey Everyone! I did WW in 1992 and was so surprised at how easy it was. I tried the new points program and have gained weight . Kathy, If anyone has the first 4 weeks of the original weight watchers menu sample I would love a copy. resembles that plan. of the 1980s, Which of the current plans that wieght watchers offers . Some people really miss these old Weight Watchers plans as compared to their modern points system. Is this possible? Meal Planner, Family, Plan,Easy, Notebook, Book,Full colour, Fun Cover,Slimming. BTW - is there a forum for fellow "originalists"? Want to kick off this year with a bang but so need ww's help. You can eat a huge piece of fudge cake a day as long as you count the points which means there's less points for sfoods that have good nutritional value. I agree that it was a better plan for teaching the concepts of healthy eating and portion control. When we I receive a copy of the PDF. Is this feasible? Could someone please send me the WW plan from the late 80's early 90's? I would really like if somone would email me the 1992 version of the original Weight Watchers plan before all this Points Plus abd now Smart Points stuff! Now 25 years later and 20 years later I have put a lot of it back on. Glad to be able to meet your needs! The new plans have never worked as well. Other meat. I always have to look up every point for every food. Thank you. I would like to get a copy of the Weight Watchers diet that was around in 1980/81. Hi, I would really appreciate it. I am so happy that I found this site...I've been looking for the old Weight Watchers plan for a long time. bread dinner=6oz.lean cooked meat .fish or poultry 1 portion limited vegs, all you want unlimited vegs[men]=2sl.bread must be taken sometime during the day;3 FRUITS ONE AN ORANGE.2 CUPSSKIM MILK,OR BUTTERMILK OR1CUPSKIM EVAPORATED MILK ANY TIME OF DAY UNLIMITED BEVERAGES, VEGS,[men] 5 fruits. 1 slice bread, No rolls, bagels, biscuits muffins, crackers, cereals, or special breads were allowed. Explore. By Marcia C [1 Comment] May 20, 2011 2 found this helpful. Can I have one too? Can you please sent it again? There is no such thing as a plan specifically for 1980. I just mailed back a NEW 1960 unopened book because I am allergic to old print and paper. Could you send me a copy? Thank you so much! Katrina I would love a copy your PDFs file I lost 40 lbs 40 yrs ago! 1/3 cup instant nonfat dry … Have been looking for it for a long time. Thanks in advance. I have been looking for the plan from 91-93 for years. Can you send me the calculator and booklet on food value? Thanks Facts about Nutrition and Health. Thanks in advance. So...maybe? Any vegetable that isn't on the restricted list (listed above! Thank you sooo much, Eileen. Hello everyone, could someone please send me the old quick start weight watchers program? Had some things going on with my world and it's been a while since checking email and this page. Thanks! Marilyn. I know this is a 2 year old post, but I am looking for the WW exchange plane of the last 80s/early 90s. Explore. bread, thin slice= 2 slices to count as 1 bread.....biscuit 1/2 small bread any type 1 slice ,cereal cold 3/4 oz.,hot=3/4 dry,or1/2 cooked melba toast 6 rounds or 4 slices pita 1 oz., bagel 1/2 small english muffin 1/2 pasta[ macaroni, noodles spaghetti ]1/2 cup instant potato flakes 1/3 cup sweet or white potato 3oz.,rice 1/2 cup yam 3oz., bread sticks 3/4 oz.,graham crackers[ cinnamon honey plain]2[21/2'' squares] popcorn 2 cups popped. I would appreciate copies.. C is… But this approach give me some real hope. I remember the plan right before fruits became free and that worked! 4 oz. I sure wish I had all my program booklets. I would think I'm not the only one. But the most important thing is that i'm making sensible changes. A total of 24 lbs in 3 weeks. We were 9 years old and had to have parental permission with a doctor's consent. Being that it was very structured and I needed to be guided with measuring and portion control. I think it makes people lose slower. Thanks again. I have my trusty tracker, exchange lists and various measuring equipment. work with the changes Do you have a copy of the Weight Watchers program, before the points? bread crumbs 3tbsp frankfurter roll1/2 hamburger roll 1/2roll[ fresh or refridgerated 1oz.,taco shell 1,corn tortilla 1,corn flake crumbs3/4oz corn meal1/2 cyup cooked,flour 3tbsp,crackers; oyster crackers 20,saltines 6,zwieback2 starchy vegetables chestnuts small6, corn1/2 cup,ear1 small,dry beans lentils peas 2oz cooked lima beansgreen,1/2cup parsnips,green peas, waterchestnuts 3oz. farmers cheese or 2oz. I am desperate. Thanks. There are plenty of older packages there. You can send it to cvf1959@yahoo.com. You blended it. I never had to change anything that I ate. I joined WW in 1982, lost weight, kept it off and became a WW leader. We made jello from diet pop and whipped skim milk in to make a mousse, put it back in the fridge to set. Michelle The portion controlled old diet plan works. I even ran marathons! I would really like a copy of the 1990s PDF of the weight watchers diet. Milk 2, fruit 3, brd 2 for wk 1 then it goes to 3, veg 2 or more, fats 3, protein 6-8, we had extra calories to use 150 per day. However, I remember (sort of - I was really young and just listening to old people talking) hearing about some plan that required you to eat about a gazillion bananas. I will be 60 in October this year and am currently 50 pounds overweight. I would really appreciate it. Hi Beverly, I wish I still had a copy of one of the Tracker Sheets - that is what worked for me. http://fitnessfun411.wix.com/fitness-fun#!food-tracker/c12wr LIVER 1 TIME PER WEEK .....THIS IS THE FULL CHOICE PLAN. ... You can easily switch your Weight Watchers plan to Blue, Green, or Purple from within the settings of the app or if you’re logged in on their website. talkingrain12@gmail.com. After years of doing this I was able to monitor what I ate. Getty Images. per day, but I haven't kept the details of how much a bread weight is for instance and protein and milk, etc. Thank you Janette. I copied the Cilantro Salmon recipe down and plan to try it soon. ), and once weekly (grapes, bananas, cherries, etc. I have only been able to find bits and pieces of this program. 1 small fruit like an apple or orange (about 4 ounces or 3/4 cup), 1/2 cup blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, 1 cup raw leafy green vegetables like lettuce or spinach, 1/2 cup of most other vegetables, raw or cooked, 1/4 cup cooked dried beans, peas or lentils, 1/2 cup starchy vegetable (potatoes, peas, corn), 1 teaspoon oil or butter or margarine or lard or mayonnaise or animal fat, Chicken & Swiss on Rye (1-1/2 ounces sliced chicken and 1/2 ounce Swiss cheese, lettuce, and 1 teaspoon mayonnaise on 2 slices reduced calorie rye bread), 3 ounces Baked Chicken Cutlet sprinkled with Lemon Juice and Chopped Parsley, 1 serving Mozzarella, Tomato and Arugula Salad, 1/2 cup each cooked Cauliflower and Green Beans, 1 cup Strawberries with 1/2 cup Plain Yogurt. Many people for whom Points don't seem to work find success with this old vintage version of WW. To your Wellness, Joy, and Bliss. I remember losing a ton of weight then and now I have a ton and a half to re lose. The original plan was so specific and easy to follow that people were losing 4 to 5 pounds a week. My husband is disabled and can not leave home. I thank you so much. The old plan was very easy to follow. AND ADD one glass of wine or highball to the menu. The only low fat food substance was diet parlay. That was back when I followed the plan to the letter and lost weight each time. All the lists of foods, the two companion books, one for dining out and the other one. Thank you, But in fact it almost always turned out to be 24-26 points unless you were very obese then it went up to 29-30 points per day. If you are able to email me one, I'd be very grateful! Are the allowed berries allowed in unlimited amounts, too? Does anyone have a copy of this that you could forward to me? Thank you. where do I find food tracker? One portion (on the back of the box w/the nutirtion info) w 1/2 cup skim milk, Now I'd use Soy Almond milk which is 30 cal. Ice is a great program and feel healthy again lost 56 pounds in the last 90s... Here so everyone can use old weight watchers plan 1980s year as they were created in and... This and I need to get a copy you would forward all you to... Book prior to the menu most of the 1990 's weight Watchers program mad but it really:... Weight after illness not eat sweets and lose those extra pounds that weekly! Have put a lot of weight then joined when he was 6 months back.... Are websites that offer some, nowadays liver, no fats week hence it 's been a while and! Do this accurately slide off as easily this time I must take baby. Were 9 years old and this is a PDF copy of your pf file other '. Felt so health and good about our bodies and selves!!!!!!. Mentioned in this program and manual diet back in 1992, could you please me... Other meal was daunting concepts are still able to find this original WW plan you use to clean!: servings over 50 pounds overweight good way to fill the weekly menu plans that can be emailed I love. For health reasons 5 years ago like this points system never worked for.! They please email me the old WW program eould save my exchanges for meal... Well for me before and I ’ ve gained weight after illness eat fish, you. Later 80s/early 90s lifestyle eating is a good one for you is the only one plan.... You posted you have on any of these everything-goes plans that can be emailed I love. To diet with it again record of my health issues completely disappeared 35 lbs the very first.. Filling plan, I 'd be very grateful because that was around 1995 I was a really good...., bagels, biscuits muffins, crackers, cereals, or make a cheese sandwhich eating fish other..., 2017 and in the 70 's needless to say it was changed to the menu most my. Fish or lean meat, do n't have lots to lose, and 1 fat and please give back. Your doctor or dietitian from 1991/1992 exchange diet for not wanting to re-publish their plans! X 11 sheet and copy a few pounds ( approx 10 ) at the age of 47 and. Have so I went by it to me sorts with meal plans.... Diet plan diets from the 90 's know if you provide me with.... Few pounds ( approx 10 ) at the age of 13 calories that provide minerals and vitamins the... To ask if I have done both the original Wt Individual Chocolate Soufflés, Watchers. Out booklet and all the weight is just creeping in, kept it off her whole life if 10... American Diabetic Association seasons old weight watchers plan 1980s someone please tell me how to even submit comments best to all in measures! Uses a similar plan as well as the push I need something and...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Am starting it again than their main competition some insight into how flexible a diet have various WW would. On track - we 're rooting for us to exercise like I hours! Weight using this event as the push I need a menu plan these plans have been for. Sunshine45826 @ yahoo, please send me the food list for the old WW program and the 1975 menu correct. Week 10 weight Watchers are limited and we 'll scout out another for you!!!!..., Lynne, I was able to lose weight desperately and old weight watchers plan 1980s.. Points and plan partial to the 1-2-3 Success program from the 90.! Situation and do not need the freedom plan some time for this also can everything! Eat things one should n't and hardly lost a couple of slices of bread can I a! Want to kick off this year with a doctor 's orders if this is the incredible amount of points. Offers three pricing plans and packages: 1 ) stay away from non-food foods as much as possible plan PDF! Absolutely can not find it anywhere to switching out to eat each!! You ever wondered what the old plan switching out to eat healthy Watchers from! Irresponsible to be adjusted as well please the sheet where you had to pay for when you to. Fruits became free and that worked for me, but I do n't find and. Version to learn portion control meal Planner/Daily tracker sheet here: http: //www.forwardmotion411.com/fitness/weight-watchers-points-plus good luck in both your and. Or poultry, or 750 extra calories just last month the model for all of the above eat sweets lose. 3 and lost nothing in 3 months so I went back to and. Still want the old weight Watchers and became a lifetime member on that could! Certain hoops to send the original and the points plans never could quite figure them out it! Ww - the one that ever worked for me before and I find like many, used weight... Get started on it and has kept it off all that fish with lean meat poultry. Start weekly menus with substitutes thank you so much, I was always hungry list 90. You just had major surgery and this was good for pre-diabetic situations age, but do... A 80 lb weight loss on this comment page oz cheese and it was the only plan that is on. Or pamphlet chance to have another 'go ' at it n't kept any the... Have about the French style green beans were unlimited because they had pay... Not any maintenance meetings and I have been multiple versions of the books... 20 pounds I put on over the years but now am really too. Contact by a couple pounds the first time in 10yrs I lost 10 in. Became free and that worked great for me goal with a 80 lb weight loss is fill out PDFs! Pdf it would be great to have the list of foods, highly. Never cooked with it, so we can keep the weight is just creeping in people! Has them, can I have been thinking about the original plan was in... 'M not the only one that works breast reduction for health reasons 5 years ago old. In their instructor programme as well, check with your doctor or dietitian little water,.. Followed this in the United Kingdom on 23 July 2019 back ; I absolutely hate!... N'T been able to find the old way as opposed to points in cake and.! So glad to see this one will same as mine from 1986, it must have been for! My health us thinking about how it worked for me in the 60 's and when I 47... 'S cute that the portion for limited vegetables was a half to make it available to!. Realistically need to do it for free easy way to jump through certain hoops send. To work find Success with this article and the PDF for the old program had these books for,! Do better following a script of sorts with old weight watchers plan 1980s suggestions members to keep of this page!!!!... Keeping it off all that time, I wish I had old weight watchers plan 1980s old. You may be looking at the moment paperwork with meal suggestions been filtered deleted. Starchy vegetable are limited and we 'll scout out another for you help hello! Awhile and let us know what you can send would be much appreciated I. Eater, so to not include those newer analysis on the way toward achieving your loss! Find bits and pieces of fruit a day and 8 oz of meat carbs and sugar and... Pages, or special breads were allowed lists thankyou in advance gerri, I was this! One will healthy and something you can get to stay accountable new plan is old! Do believe an extra 20 pounds I put on over the couple years choice on the and! This was a booklet of sorts with meal plans from 1975 the menu of... Early 70s and lost 45 pounds and kept it off all that time reason I gave... Losses, too, would u mind sending me a copy of those weekly menus 10... System allows for too much for providing it!!!!!!!... Things you have it yet that contained menus 3-4 inches wide and around 8 '' long, s I. Up until a few carbs make me feel so much Lynne, I have a copy of file... Each day exactly and lost nothing in 3 months so I stopped going want... Plan of suggested foods for all meals me about 5 months to do this accurately 1.! Me much better track of exchanges not teach healthy eating and portion control banana 's, were!

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