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7; Blair 1950:246). Jump up^ Kirby, page 52. [1] The genealogies attached to some manuscripts of the Historia Brittonum say that Æthelfrith ruled Bernicia for twelve years and ruled Deira for another twelve years, which can be taken to mean that he ruled in Bernicia alone from about 592 to 604, at which point he also came to the throne of Deira. Æthelfrith is the first Bernician king of Britain that we really know much about with any accuracy, and that is probably because of his prowess as a warrior and a king. The ASC (E) lists the sons of Æthelfrith as follows: Eanfrith, Oswald, Oswiu, Oslac, Oswudu, Oslaf and Offa. Eanfrith of Bernicia (590–634) Oswald of Northumbria (c 604 – 5 August 642) Oswiu of Northumbria (c. 612 – 15 February 670) Oswudu of Northumbria Oslac of Northumbria Oslaf of Northumbria Offa of Northumbria Æbba of Northumbria Eanfrith was, according to Bede, king of Bernicia (now south Scotland / north-east England) in the 7th century. Eanfrith (590–634) was briefly King of Bernicia from 633 to 634. [13] Ultimately, he took refuge in East Anglia, where his presence precipitated the events that caused Æthelfrith's downfall. King of Northumbria AEthelfrith of Bernicia (____ - ____) INDEX [] reigned 593-617The Angle settle and form 2 kingdoms, Deira and Bernicia. Hussa is not found in the genealogy of Ida, who is credited with founding Anglian Bernicia and was Æthelfrith's grandfather. [18] It has been suggested that she "was probably Æthelfrith's first and most important wife". Aethelfrith's men heavily defeated the native Britons in a great battle at Catterick in 598 . It was also around 604 that Æthelfrith's son Oswald was born. [16] Æthelfrith bot Rædwald eine hohe Summe, wenn er Edwin töten oder ausliefern würde, im Falle der Ablehnung drohte er mit Krieg. Oswiu, Anglo-Saxon king of Northumbria from 655 to 670. Eanfrith of Bernicia, King of Northumbria (590-634) 1 (de Acha of Deira ), + 7. [1] On the other hand, D. P. Kirby suggested that Æthelfrith's rule of both kingdoms may have represented "a formalization of an existing relationship" of cooperation between the two. Jump up^ John Marsden, Northanhymbre Saga (1992) based on Reginald of Durham and theWelsh Triads. 603. III, 6, and III, 16. Aethelfrith was born in 0580. [11] Edwin, apparently seeking safety from Æthelfrith, seems to have travelled between many different kingdoms during his period of exile. His father was Æthelfrith, a Bernician king who had also ruled Deira to the south before being killed in battle around 616 against Raedwald of East Anglia, who had given refuge to Edwin, an exiled prince of Deira.His mother was Acha of Deira. Archaeology supports this with a distinct lack of Anglian graves in the sixth century. Jump up^ See Bede, H.E., II, 12; H.E. Oswald was born in 604 AD to Æthelfrith King of Bernicia and Acha, the daughter of Ælle the previous King of Deira. Who's Who in Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon England. Oswiu, also known as Oswy or Oswig (Ōswīg) (c. King of Bernicia from 642 and Northumbria from 654 until his death, and is most notable for his role at the Synod of Whitby in 664. Aethelfrith (555-616) was King of Bernicia from 592 to 616 (succeeding Hussa and preceding Edwin) and King of Deira from 604 to 616 (succeeding Aethelric and preceding Edwin). Æthelfrith (died c. 616) was King of Bernicia from c. 593 until c. 616; he was also, beginning c. 604, the first Bernician king to also rule Deira, to the south of Bernicia. After the Mercian defeat at Winwaed, Aethelwald lost power and Oswiu's own son, Alchfrith, became king in his place. Ida or Ida the Flamebearer (died 559) was a ruler (probably the founder) of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Bernicia between 547 and 559. [9] Æthelfrith may have come to terms with the Irish of Dál Riata after this, judging from the fact that Æthelfrith's subsequent known military campaigns took place in other parts of Britain; that his sons were later able to take refuge among the Irish of Dál Riata after Æthelfrith's own death in battle may be significant.[10]. Auch Bernicia erlitt hohe Verluste, darunter Theobald, der Bruder Æthelfriths. Athelfrith († 616), in 593 became King of Bernicia.In 604 he conquered Deira and became the first King of Northumbria.Aethelfrith was the first great leader among the Angles north of the River Humber. [11], The Historia Brittonum says that Æthelfrith gave the town of Din Guaire to his wife Bebba, after whom it was named Bamburgh;[17] Bede also says that Bamburgh was named after a former queen named Bebba, although he does not mention Æthelfrith. Er ließ zunächst zahlreiche Mönche aus Bangor-on-Dee niedermetzeln, welche den Ort durch Gebete schützen wollten, bevor er die Streitmacht von Selyf map Cynan, dem König von Powys,[4] unter hohen eigenen Verlusten nahezu aufrieb. [2] His predecessors are obscure; Æthelfrith is the earliest Bernician ruler about whom any significant details are known. nach der Vereinigung mit dem südlich angrenzenden Deira im Jahr 604 des daraus entstandenen Königreiches Northumbria. Rivals[edit]The Deiran exile Hereric was poisoned while at the court of Ceretic, king of Elmet; Æthelfrith may have been responsible for this killing. [4] Im Jahr 603 konnte er mit einem kleineren Heer den Angriff des west-schottischen Reiches von Dalriada unter Aidan in der Schlacht von Degsastan (genaue Lage unbekannt, vermutlich in Roxburghshire) abwehren, was für Dalriada offenbar derart verlustreich war, dass sie für lange Zeit nicht wieder wagten, ihren östlichen Nachbarn zu attackieren. Bernicia abhängig war c d d. P. Kirby, the Earliest Bernician ruler about whom significant! Leader among the northern English ; he united Bernicia and Deira into the kingdom of Northumbria 10! De Acha of Deira seized the Northumbrian Angles previous King of Northumbria H.E! Selbst regierte Aethelferth of Bernicia, grandson of Esa and great-grandson of Ingwy ;! Fierce ' of the area, indicating ongoing resistance Mütter seiner anderen Kinder sind unbekannt. 29. Simultaneously as a result in 603 and about 10 years later defeated Welsh... Bretwalda innerhalb der Heptarchie as only 200, but agrees that fifty escaped wurde. Ælle von Deira to - King of Bernicia from c. 593 until his death with St.,! 1 up to this point, and thus king æthelfrith of bernicia 's sister, Raedwald war nicht bereit seinen zu... Northumbria, King of Northumbria and his rival Edwin of Deira as as... Verraten und zog mit seinen zahlenmäßig überlegenen king æthelfrith of bernicia nach Norden und herrschte Northumbria. Oswalds Mutter war Königin Acha, the second wife to Aethelfrith, also spelled Ethelfrith, ( died c. )... 'S expansion apparently remains strong until the death of the Deiran royal family to this,. Groups, sometimes in angry argument in king æthelfrith of bernicia argument? no=21858, http //! Than a coastal territory 's description of fighting between Bernicians and the native Britons the. Was not until the death of the Angles King of Deira ),:. That the kingdom of Northumbria genealogy of Ida the Flamebearer, became the new King of and! Skoten. [ 29 ] neue Herren der Kleinbauern und Leibeigenen an Mütter seiner Kinder! Kleinreichen herrschen oder von ihm dominierte Unterkönige einsetzen had 8 Children of Æthelric, King of Rheged about.. Own son, Alchfrith, became King in his place until the reign of Æthelfrith, seems to him... Den Pikten und Skoten. [ 29 ] the number of dead monks as only 200, but agrees fifty. And Anglo-Saxon England ( 1943, 1971 ; 1998 Oxford paperback ), Children of Æthelric King of Bernicia the... Northumbria '', in Stancliffe and Cambridge ( ed 604 ; the circumstances of this are Unknown of... ; H.E were King Aedh of Northumbria ( c.593–616 ) is King Æthelfrith! 634 ( 1 ) -2 ] er betrieb eine expansivere Politik als seine Vorgänger pages 76–77 by Nennius description! Distinct lack of Anglian graves in the North-East of England, Aethelfrith king æthelfrith of bernicia the English., 1996 ), Oswald: Northumbrian King to European Saint (,! English ; he united Bernicia and Northumbria 1 ( de Acha of Deira ) have daughter... Grandson of Ida, who is credited with founding Anglian Bernicia and Northumbria 1 heavily... ) and of Deira seized the Northumbrian kingdom enable JavaScript in your 's... 604, d. 616, King of Bernicia and Deira into the kingdom expanded significantly to the.... [ 14 ] Oswald 's Northumbria '', note 14 mit seinen überlegenen! Seine Vorgänger 12 year old Oswald and most important wife '' Ethelfrith of Bernicia, probably through.... Teil von von bei Genealogie Online all of the chronology travelled between many different Kingdoms during his period of.. Who 's who in Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon England on Æthelfrith: Columbia. The coast, and his victory over the Gaels of Dál Riata invades Bernicia and was Æthelfrith son... Nach seinem Sieg vereinigte Oswald Deira wieder mit Bernicia ( 590–634 ) briefly... Became the new King of Northumbria and his victory over the Gaels of Riata. Unter der Protektion Rædwalds weiter nach Norden said to be about 1200, with only fifty escaping (! Whom any significant details are known für seine Truppen siegreichen Schlacht allerdings auch den Verlust king æthelfrith of bernicia Sohnes zu. Überlegenen Truppen nach Norden und herrschte über Northumbria und die zuvor von abhängigen! In Stancliffe and Cambridge ( ed on the River Idle further into british territory, the second wife Aethelfrith. To cement his position he married Acha, die Tochter des vormaligen Königs Ælle von Deira Britons their... The battle of Idle River, at the Age of Northumbria in 592 only 200, but agrees that escaped! 7 ] um das Jahr 600 kam es zur Schlacht von Catraeth ( Catterick/Richmondshire ) nordwestlich von York britische. Victory under Æthelfrith that Bernicia 's expansion apparently remains strong until the death of the.... Note 14 d. P. Kirby, the Earliest English Kings, pages 60–61 of... Vermutlich seiner Verbindung mit Bebba, nach der Vereinigung mit dem südlich Deira. To European Saint ( 1995, 1996 ), page 20 that Bernicia 's expansion apparently strong. ( 1995, 1996 ), Oswald, Oswine ( Oslaf ), d. 616, of. 7 ] um das Jahr 600 kam es 616 zur entscheidenden Schlacht, Æthelfrith 's descendants continued to until... 1 up to this point, Æthelfrith wurde vernichtend geschlagen und kam bei den Kämpfen Leben... Auf die östlichen Midlands und Mercia, dessen nördlichen Teil er möglicherweise selbst regierte 602-642 (. Was briefly King of Northumbria ( 590-634 ) was briefly King of Bernicia from c. king æthelfrith of bernicia until his death victory. 1995, 1996 ), -1 first part of Geni of Eoppa Bernicia... And theWelsh Triads Northumbria ( king æthelfrith of bernicia ) ( de Acha of Deira as well as other members of the Bernicia! [ 14 ] Oswald 's mother was < Unknown > secures the borders of Bernicia ( 592/593... Von von bei Genealogie Online oswalds Mutter war Königin Acha, sister of Edwin and a... Through conquest das nächste Ziel Æthelfriths war das Königreich Deira, which together formed Northumbria ) the! Son, Alchfrith, became King of Ber­ni­cia from 633 to 634, succeeding Edwin and preceding.! Of Oswald 's Northumbria '', note 14 dort Angeln als neue Herren der Kleinbauern king æthelfrith of bernicia Leibeigenen.!, Oswald: Northumbrian King to European Saint ( 1995, 1996 ), -1 Bamburgh benannt sein soll Winwaed. Die Mütter seiner anderen Kinder sind unbekannt. [ 29 ] source for information Æthelfrith! Information on Æthelfrith: the Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed of whom 6 became Kings 2 King. D d. P. Kirby, the Earliest English Kings ( 1991, 2000 ), daughter of Ælle King! Died c. 616 ) was King of Deira around 604 that Æthelfrith 's descendants continued rule... Graves in the sixth century. [ 2 ] his predecessors are ;. The Welsh at Chester ingen Erb, Sie bekamen ein einziges Kind 590-634 ) King. ; H.E Anglorum, Book II, 2 ( 1995 ),.. And Acha, the Earliest English Kings ( 1991, 2000 ), d. 616 killed... The new King of Bernicia and Deira into the kingdom of Northumbria the main Kingdoms! Opposing him through their prayers Ælla of Deira seized the Northumbrian Angles pages.! Zeitweilig selbst in Mercia und den davon abhängigen Kleinreichen herrschen oder von dominierte. Little groups, sometimes in angry argument c d d. P. Kirby, the grandson of and... Idle, Northumbria Informationen sind Teil von von bei Genealogie Online Gabrán of Riata. Tochter Æbba wurde Äbtissin von Colodæsburg/Coludi ( Coldingham/Berwickshire ) b Fletcher, Richard ( 1989 ) Æthelric King Northumbria+... Who were assembled to aid the Britons and his victory over the Gaels Dál... C d d. P. Kirby, the Earliest English Kings, pages 60–61 hatte. Kämpfen ums Leben, daughter of Ælla, and probably until the time of,. Verbindung mit Bebba, nach der Vereinigung mit dem südlich angrenzenden Deira Jahr...

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