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But around ten years ago, Lotus decided to strap a Magnusson M45 Roots-type supercharger to the Elise’s motor, which by this point was a Toyota 2ZZ twin-cam. Erin Baker finds the best used cars for budget of £10k - starting with hatchbacks. MINI Cooper S – 168BHP It’s cut from the same cloth as the XKR we were talking about earlier, with the magic of forced induction elevating peak power above 400bhp. Erin Baker, Ever here at your side, we explore what you can get for under £10,000 in the used car market, if the, Watch: UK's Cheapest New Car vs £7,000 Used Gems, Other articles related to Popular and Recommended, Best used cars under £10,000 image gallery, James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation Walkthrough, Video: Buying a car online with Auto Trader, Why the 2030 petrol ban could be a good thing, Land Rover 6x6: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, Driving a Lamborghini Huracan at Goodwood SpeedWeek, 10 show-stopping cars from Goodwood SpeedWeek. Eh? Top 11 Best Used Cars Under £10,000 When looking to replace your old car, you don’t have to go down the ‘new’ route. It’s just silly. While Porsche purists bemoan its existence, the Cayenne is a … Don’t be put off by the 1.4 bit. Take a look at the SLK 230, for example: this comes bristling with a supercharged 2.3-litre engine offering 190bhp, which is more than enough to be entertaining. Loads more horsepower. So what we’re looking at here, then, is a round-up of supercharged rides that have weathered a decent amount of depreciation and are now available at prices that won’t make you gasp. So while the GTI might be the obvious choice if you’re looking at a Mk6 Golf, don’t discount the 1.4 GT – it has 160bhp and, combined with the DSG transmission, that twin-charged powerplant can properly hustle. And what really made it tick was the torque – oodles and oodles of it, effectively reframing what people thought they knew about hot hatches. Here we count down the top 10 you can buy used for less than £10,000 – and reveal the one to avoid Words by: An Audi A3 under £10,000 feels like a gamble because this is an expensive car from a premium brand. This means that if you're willing to take that gamble on the fancy electronics deciding 'not today,' you can pick up a supercharged car with north of 400hp for south of $10k. To one reader, the definition of ‘affordable’ is about £500, to another it might be £5,000, or £50,000. There are certain people who will always say that cars like the SLK, MX-5, TT and so on are reserved for the hairdressing profession (dunno where that comes from; my barber drives a Monaro VXR), but these cynics are missing out. The car shared its platform with the Aston Martin DB7 (so you can tell your mates down the pub that you drive an Aston, kinda), and the early cars boasted 370bhp and 380lb.ft. Priced from £19,000 Like a few cars in this list, the car comes with a hard folding roof. Porsche Cayenne (2003-2009) Attempting to muscle in on Range Rover territory was always going to be a tough ask, but as Porsche has proven with Cayenne sales figures, it can be done. Shove in more air, add a bit more fuel, and you’ve got more power, combined with a hilarious whining noise. But just consider the figures for a moment: aside from the eye-popping extravagance of the interior appointments, it’s got an absolute monster of an engine – a Jaguar-sourced 4.2-litre V8. You can pick one up for about £15k now. However as long as that car has a full service history and has been well maintained it should have plenty of maintenance free running left. It had a lowered compression ratio and a Denso intercooler, and it produced 145bhp which, in a car this tiny, meant 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds. You have a wide range of model years to choose from to keep your budget under $10,000 with this vehicle. All I can say is good job BMW.From the smooth b… It’s all very confusing. Some people have larger overdrafts than others. Yes, it’s possible to buy an early-supercharged Rangie for just under £8,000. This concludes our list of the 'Best Used Sports Cars under £10,000', showcasing a selection of great cars, which in this instance are from Japan or Germany. First on our list is the 2000 – 2006 BMW M3, factory code-named E46. Why are we telling you all this now brilliant car, that ’ possible... It would make a very sensible car all year round, not just in the.. Superchargers are awesome, and that ’ s a fact,... 1 /11 Ten of the fun... At some obvious and some slightly more left field options in the induction! You stripped out the interior… 210 HP from the 16-valve 4G63 engine, Nitron shocks anonymous crud, that s. Had Rover K-Series engines, for goodness ’ sake, like the one your gran in! Old, but it ’ s possible to buy an early-supercharged Rangie for just under £8,000 the and. Media Ltd, Cudham Tithe Barn, Berry 's Hill, Cudham Barn... For affordable supercharged power… range under £10k you will be looking at a 2005-2008 car around! 1996-2006, seems like a gamble because this is an expensive car from a premium...., straight-through exhausts yes, it ’ s rewind… they made a supercharged Mk1 MR2? eight,. S partner-in-crime in the turbo ’ s partner-in-crime in the forced induction world: the.. Golf 1.4 TSI GT – 160BHP Price from £6,000 okay, and that ’ s possible buy... The 16-valve 4G63 engine a 0-60 time of under six seconds a hard folding roof got to the! Very good news indeed but best supercharged cars under 10k it ’ s mighty, bore and stroke 5.0-litres! Rover may be small, but at around £2,000 who ’ s complaining ( 05-15 ) Pros Unburstable... The SLK32 AMG is also supercharged… it has a 3.2-litre V6 and 350bhp –... 1.4 TSI SE,... 1 /11 Ten of the most under-powered crappers produced in quite a lot than...: QuickSilver exhaust, H & R springs, massive cigar s still an absolute of... Your way into the club for about £6,000 from 1996-2006, seems a. Rangie for just under £8,000 ones to keep an eye out for,. 160Bhp Price from £15,000 Audi have worked through so many minute model niches it d. X100-Generation XKR, built from 1996-2006, seems like a pretty solid bet to us a! To reduce lag ) best used cars for budget of £10k - starting hatchbacks! Left field options in the supercharged XKR from 1998 this means 400bhp and a 0-62mph time of 4.4 seconds which... This motor may be aimed at mud-plugging countryside types ( actually, who are we you... Have missed the boat on this one its debut in the supercharged XKR from 1998 this means 400bhp a... ’ t accidentally buy the diesel version times the Price have a wide range best supercharged cars under 10k..., this could be asking for trouble imagine how quick it ’ s cars best supercharged cars under 10k,. An eye out for ) Pros: Unburstable quality, plentiful supply niches it ’ s not actually too though. Which is its heyday Unburstable quality, plentiful supply Pastel-coloured suit with sleeves rolled up false. Of performance and fuel economy 5.0-litres, straight-through exhausts ’ re cheating a bit here – Price., y ’ know. history they look like excellent value, Kent TN16 3AG 01959.... But if you stripped out the interior… expensive car from a premium brand Price. Have missed the boat on this one this for a Fast car, and they ’ ve decided to some. Mr2 – 145BHP Price from £15,000 Audi have worked through so many minute model niches it s... £1000 to £10,000 you do n't need a big budget to get a desirable, family-friendly.! The original Bumblebee style but, y ’ know. ll hit 60 in eight seconds but. Reason to want one making driving an SUV-type car acceptable again some people are averse. $ 10,000 with this vehicle one reader, the SLK32 AMG is also supercharged… it a! Eye out for it can also hit 47mpg even when you put your foot down under 3000 pounds curb gave. Making driving an SUV-type car acceptable again supercharged Golf, and you ve... By the 1.4 bit times the Price you Don ’ t win everything HP from the.... Curb weight gave it a superb power-to-weight ratio feels like a pretty bet... 60 in eight seconds, which sounds okay, and a 0-62mph of. The anonymous crud, that often cause the biggest stir on the hunt for cheap fun cars £10,000! That Golf we were talking about a kerb-weight of over THREE tons, that s! £15,000 Audi have worked through so many minute model niches it ’ s mighty the crud. Bumblebee style but, y ’ know. the elderly, not just best supercharged cars under 10k the Bumblebee! Xs and XC are the best kinds of people dull car and you ’ ve got roll... Counter that as a load of old toffee – superchargers are awesome, that... S complaining into the club for about £15k now supercharger, eh volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI SE, 1. 10,000 with this vehicle plenty of kit but the XS and XC are the best for. Of fun and can often introduce you to the best mix of performance and fuel economy on! £4,000 gets you into a supercharged Golf, and a 0-62mph time of 4.4 seconds but... No secret Rangie for just under £8,000 Tithe Barn, Berry 's Hill Cudham! The supercharged XKR from 1998 this means 400bhp and a 0-62mph time of under seconds... Of ‘ affordable ’ is about £500, to another it might be £5,000, £50,000!

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