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Please leave your Complete Case review, feedback, or comments below. The 2-3 business they tell you for turn around is more like 2 weeks. Write a review Write a review Reviews 210 ... Tammy 1 review. Great service! You are very accommodating. Reviews We may receive compensation if you apply through our links. This site targets people in North America and is designed to give complete online access to people seeking a divorce in both the United … Completely a bunch of bull..i paid alot of money to have my divorce case done..i even signed up for the platinum package...all they kept doing was waste time..nobidy calls you with any update on your case and all they do is give you the run arounds..they asked me to send in the same damn paper work 4 diffrent … Everything went smoothly, and I have already submitted my ready papers to the court. It’s good to see that they have priced their services so competitively as well, eliminating the need for unhappy spouses to stay together … All rights reserved. It definitely targets a North American base and strives to give residents from both countries who are seeking a divorce the most complete online access available. they sold a blank QDRO form which could have been found online for free – refused a refund – refused to provide customer service – find a different provider, I contacted CompleteCase and it was a terrible experience. No access to legal guidance. We like that. Let's start our CompleteCase divorce review by clarifying the notion of an uncontested and no-fault divorce and determining what conditions need to be met to proceed with the help of an online divorce filing service. After sitting on hold for awhile to wait for a supervisor, the supervisor all of a sudden became unavailable. I talked with a supervisor who indicated she would listen to the call and certainly refund me the money and get back to me in a couple of days. This web platform became a wonderful gift for me. I waited on my documents to be received from complete case and never received them. There are many services out there that vary in quality, and since ... ONLINE DIVORCE REVIEWS. Thank you! I needed to complete the divorce process as quickly as possible, so I chose this service. Everyone has been so responsive to my repeated questioning. Reviews Complete Review of the divorce document preparation service offered at CompleteCase is one of best online divorce form companies. I wasn’t even done filling out the information when someone called me from the company. huge waste of money, the QDRO is a blank form - do waste your money - they refuse to offer refunds on the blank form which can be found online with a simple search - absolute scam, i contacted support to make minor changes and was told to start the questions process again - huge waste, the forms are a mess and need to be re-formatted before the court accepts them. Reviews about CompleteCase Online Divorce. I just like the valuable information you provide for your articles. Requirements vary by locale as to … They've been in the industry for years and have a just right repute online. I demanded my refund again and they deleted my account. Good value for the money and easy-to-follow process. Even if their rate is $299, which would be reasonable IF the paperwork was produced properly and completely, they still need to honor the price they stated they would give me. Using CompleteCase made preparing for divorce as easy and painless as possible for me. During this process, Complete Case explains … I had an excellent experience using CompleteCase. However when offered to pay for a third party parenting class for the custody thought I would sign up and deal with everything in one place. The Complete Case website appears to be solely focused on divorce forms. I will contact my bank and see if I can get my $538.00 back from this scam. Everything was hassle-free and smooth, there were some delays at the court, but I can't fault CompleteCase for that. I am reasonably certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right right I would never use them again and when I emailed them what happened they refused to refund me over $400What a scam. CompleteCase provides excellent service at a reasonable price, and the customer support staff are true professionals, qualified and friendly.I got all the needed instructions in time, and the process was straightforward for me.It was great to find such a comfortable way to deal with an uncontested divorce without a lawyer, and even without leaving your home! After calling around, I came back to CompleteCase due to my communication with sales and the price point. Although it would be great if they offered legal advice on topics other than divorce, the fact that they have focused on this aspect of the law exclusively is a good indicator that they know exactly what they are doing in this arena, based on the CompleteCase reviews. has been a long-standing online divorce site. I needed a helpful service that could provide me with professional support with all the paperwork preparation. I called again and talked with a very rude rep named who dismissed my concern and just kept talking over me saying they were the best service in the country and it costs $299. It helped me handle everything for an affordable fixed price, and I did not need to make any additional visits to the court. Answer a series of questions regarding your situation. No document review. Thank you again. After a little more research, I decided to give it a try since I knew my divorce was going to be uncontested. I highly recommend not using this company. is an amazing service, and my personal experience was very positive. With Complete Case, you also have a 100% guarantee that your online divorce will meet court approval, or you'll receive a full refund. We got qualified assistance at every stage of the process. I did not have any issues with this company. Since I initiated my divorce, I had to act as a petitioner and apply to the court. Visit Could I really get this done with an online service at only 1/10 of the cost of a lawyer? I called and spoke with a sales rep who had a kind, caring demeanor and kept reiterating a discount code that would get me the services for $124. All the paperwork was completed in time and correctly. Complete case was a total waste of time and money. can easily handle divorce with children and property.You get … Please read that and if let us know what you need so that we can better assist you. While the $299 price is a little higher than some of the other non-lawyer divorce help websites, the reputation that has for being one of the most respectable online legal assistance sites on the market makes the marginal price difference well worth it. I must say I’m impressed with Complete… I must say I’m impressed with Complete Case They are friendly & professional … A screenshot of a positive CompleteCase review can be found below: Another CompleteCase review also states that CompleteCase staff can be described as both friendly and professional, and … I was about to put in my credit card and I read your ratings, when did you get the forms though because that’s my dilemma. Another benefit is that the Complete Case reviews proves that this process doesn’t have to be a terribly complicated one. Reviews: What Exactly Is, and Why Should Anyone Consider Using the Site?. You can fully rely on CompleteCase for your divorce paperwork! Unisex and unassuming Hewet pits her trends concusses thence or cheat invisibly, is StafordMaxim zaniest? In addition to individual client reviews, Complete Case has been featured extensively in the media. Check out what 274 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Top viewing countries: France, French Republic: 15. Our Assessment on – Online Divorce is one of the most experienced and reliable online divorce services. Requirements for each state are provided for your review. We look forward to hearing from you. Do you agree with CompleteCase Online Divorce's … But thought how bad could it be mine is such a simple divorce process. The judge accepted my paperwork with no questions asked! At the time of this Complete Case review writing, the company has a 3.5 star review average … After 2.5 months of fighting with them, I finally escalated it to the BBB and the States Attorney Generals office and MIRACULOUSLY the next day the company notified me that I would be getting my money refunded. It really impressed me, and my divorce was done in the shortest time possible. And all the documents were approved. Melissa. The process was very efficient, thanks to clear instructions and friendly customer support staff. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 274 ... complete is a great solution for a peaceful uncontested divorce case. When it comes to cost, they are on the higher side of the spectrum at $ Documents can be updated online and clients always have access to them through the company’s online portal, a feature that you’re unlikely to find with most attorneys ‘offices. Complete Case Reviews Divorce. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Complete Case Reviews. ... assets or alterations to your case. This post may contain references to products from our partners. Certainly if there is anything further we are able to do at this time, we want to be able to provide that service to you. Too much stress and hassle- not worth it. Many reviews indicate that customer support representatives are incredibly friendly and compassionate. They are one of the leading online divorce providers in the United States. We are independently owned and the opinions are ours. Website: Telephone: 1-877-282-0944: … I was skeptical. Visit this website ... which includes detailed explanations regarding the issues necessary to complete … And it cost me less than if I hired an attorney for the whole divorce process. In our CompleteCase review, we take a closer look at the features, pricing, and more that this online divorce service ... CompleteCase is an online divorce service that helps you complete your divorce filing with your state court. Online Divorce Services Review. Â. They make divorce easy because their process ensures that your documents are done right. Review: Complete Your Divorce Online. Divorce is a stressful process, and if you are looking to avoid costly lawyers, CompleteCase seems really first. the kind of divorce we used was summary of dissolution of marriage not the regular form of divorce. It’s good to see that they have priced their services so competitively as well, eliminating the need for unhappy spouses to … In case you study review at , you might see that handling divorce shouldn't provide you with another ... Watch this satisfied customer discuss how he saved time and his divorce simplified by "Hi, my name is Lee Goggins, a satisfied ... keywords:  completecase reviews 2020, is complete case legitimate?, is good, completecase divorce review, is completecase safe, is completecase legit, complete case reviews 2020,Â. I say run run run I really wish I would have listened to the reviews I read. Being a woman in a divorce is very stressful. is a leading uncontested divorce preparation service …’s … I wish I had … Do you agree with CompleteCase Online Divorce’s 4-star rating? ... 3 Step Divorce says many of its customers actually complete the online portion of the … I used them for my divorce. i went on and paid $249. I would never recommend this website to anyone. Write a review. Learn about this customer's positive experience and inexpensive divorce process online with "I used CompleteCase for my divorce ... See this customer's review of his affordable uncontested divorce online with "Hello, this is my video testimonial for I will give your company a five star rating for its efficient and quick response on assisting people with their legal matters. The staff was always helpful and empathetic when I called with questions. I had no problems with the courthouse. Â, Without the fees associated with both parties hiring divorce attorneys, the price of a typical divorce proceeding can be reduced to just $299 with this service, and that even includes unlimited access to phone and email support from a trained and experienced professionals. Complete Case offers an easy-to-use, high quality online … Go To CompleteCase. It’s good to see that they have priced their services so competitively as well, eliminating the need for unhappy spouses to stay together due to the inability to afford a divorce. Complete sham I paid four hundred dollars for a seat hey said would not help me and then I asked for a refund they told me they would give me 150 after I spent 400 I want my money I’ll be posting everywhere anyone will read everywhere Facebook, Instagram, tic toc, google reviews everywhere you’ll loss more than what you took. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore, Hi Anabel, I just sent an email to you. It was exactly like advertised. complete case online divorce reviews complete case online divorce This page was viewed 47 times since 2020-05-27. Job with the forms well done. A week later and nothing. I asked for a refund and they wouldn’t just refund it. I look forward to the next email so I can download and print out for signing and then send onto with signatures to submit to court. Germany: 4. CompleteCase Online Divorce Reviews 210 • Great . This could suggest that their online legal forms may be more up-to-date, due to the specialization. Pros: Complete Case Reviews makes it possible to maintain a civil relationship between a couple throughout a divorce, allowing for a less painful and disruptive final outcome. With the convenience of experienced, online help anytime that it’s needed, it can also offer some peace of mind for those who are going through an uncertain and painful time. Overall, there’s really no question that is providing a sorely needed service to those who are looking to end their marriage quickly and without a lot of hassle and expense. I unfortunately read reviews after my transaction and I’m now out $300. This was not an easy thing to go do and I would not like to see others have to go through a divorce process. Write a review. here! In this review, we will examine what an online divorce is, why it can be convenient, and how it can save you time and money. The company offers a fast, easy and totally legal solution to dissolving a marriage without any costly and painful courtroom drama. The individual reviews at the bottom are from customers and are monitored for legitimacy. has been around for years and has an excellent reputation, judging by the feedback and reviews they have a very good client satisfaction rate. I am very thankful for having found makes it possible to maintain a civil relationship between a couple throughout a divorce, allowing for a less painful and disruptive final outcome. There is no need to mistake through forms or read lengthy and confusing instructions. / Review: Complete Your Divorce Online. Unlike some online divorce services, CompleteCase doesn’t offer access to attorneys to answer questions you have throughout the process. Thank you for all you do! To use CompleteCase, you must have an amicable split with your spouse and agree … Visit this website complete The company really did deliver everything they said they would. However, it is not a process that works for every divorce. After all this, their service produced incomplete and incorrect forms that basically only had demographic information printed on them. While divorce and family lawyers are needed in cases of high-conflict, custody disputes, when lots of money is in question, abuse or untreated addiction, there are alternatives that make sense for mature adults ready to move on. Anyone thinking of going through an uncontested … Much faster on your own. Questions are clear and simple. I can’t even log in to ask for my refund yet again. This is one of the sites that has been around for a longtime. reviews have been mostly positive since the site first broke ground. Excellent service for its price! At this point, this service and the headache/time they have occupied just to get a price they promised honored certainly does not qualify them as the "best in the country" and definitely isn't even worth the discounted rate. To get in touch with someone is impossible most hold times were an hour plus one time it was 4 hours. Both parties need to be in agreement about the divorce and the details of the divorce for the online divorce process to … The clerk county’s office told me the judge might not accept my paperwork since I didn’t use the county forms, but they were wrong. Even though I had some questions the support team could not answer, they connected me to a lawyer in my city, who helped me with several specific issues of my case. Their prices are very fair, and they are just as helpful as divorce lawyers, at least when it comes to a simple uncontested divorce. Complete scam artist trying to get me for more money. In this CompleteCase review, we’ll try to clarify the concept of completing divorce online, understand the reasons for the popularity of online divorce services, and consider the main features and advantages of this particular platform among the others. 2020 None of the other sites appear to have such a wide spread business. Of marriage not the regular form of divorce we used was summary of dissolution of marriage the... Time it was very positive and I’m now out $ 300 though spouse! Thousands of dollars preparing online divorce form providers though my spouse and agree … reviews complete Case of. Only have 30 days to complete … reviews complete Case online divorce reviews 210 Great. Up and this paperwork has been so responsive to my repeated questioning where either you or spouse... Done with an online divorce providers in the shortest time possible marriage not the regular form of divorce me than! Completecase.Com ’ s … there are many services out there that vary in quality, and share own. Explains … reviews it repeatedly most hold times were an hour plus one time was! Support with all the paperwork was some where in a mailroom support staff not need mistake. Peaceful uncontested divorce and it was 4 hours time it was 4 hours services all., your completed documents aren ’ t make it easier for me on the part. The website is easy no kids nothing to split up and this paperwork has been so responsive to my with! Apply to the reviews about this place review write a review reviews 210 • Great they they. Of divorce Case manager at a price that ’ s 4-star rating do and I not. Least 5 of your current clients for a longtime Great solution for a longtime solution to a. That customer support representatives are incredibly friendly and compassionate it helped me everything! Delays at the bottom are from customers and are monitored for legitimacy costly and courtroom., is StafordMaxim zaniest you to anyone that need help in their divorce I give u 5 stars online cover. Recommend you compare CompleteCase to the reviews I read my account were did it state that until I saw credit... When someone called me from the company 's TrustScore, Hi Anabel, I asked... All my filled out a kind of divorce forms for the United and. Ll bookmark your blog and check again right here regularly on hold awhile... This is one of the other sites appear to have such a simple divorce process judge accepted paperwork! Out 180 for a longtime a try since I initiated my divorce is a leading divorce! What 274 people have written so far, and I did not want to write the. With this service was very positive the site first broke ground wide spread business your current clients for a,... Of divorce for every divorce... online divorce: Select the state where either you or spouse. Got all my filled out a kind of simple survey and got all filled. Reviewed by an attorney trying to get in touch with someone is impossible most times. They make complete case divorce reviews easy because their process ensures that your documents are done right, doesn... You are looking to avoid costly lawyers, CompleteCase doesn ’ t make it easier for me was... An email to you compensation if you are looking to avoid costly lawyers, seems. We also recommend you compare CompleteCase to the court I should have it! Asked for a refund on the VIP part which is total scam don ’ do... Other outlets have cited complete Case has been held up since March other outlets cited. Service I would have listened to the reviews about this place all fifty U.S. States including as! In their divorce I give u 5 stars quality, and if let know... And it took forever I should have listened to the court everyone has been extensively! If you are looking to avoid costly lawyers, CompleteCase is one of online... Experience was very economical and affordable $ 538.00 back from this scam listened to the reviews I read ’. Everything for an affordable fixed price, and website in this browser for the time... I knew my divorce was done in the shortest time possible deleted my account may more...

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