fallout: new vegas lonesome drifter location on map

The office is a small shack to the west of the trailers. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, and True Police Stories in the main office; La Fantoma! This diversion caused a massive wave of death and ghoulification among NCR troops that destroyed Camp Searchlight as a viable military base. After that, the dregs of humanity known as the Powder Gangers decided to form a faction and stay in this heavily fortified place, with plans of expansion. I Don't Hurt Anymore (Help to solve a problem with Corporal Betsy). Days pass and the parents do not return. The Morning Star Cavern is a small, single crescent-shaped room. This application consists of the a full achievement guide to Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition. Birds of a Feather (Become a member of the Van Graffs). Buildings: Nellis Boomer Museum, Pearl's Barracks, Loyal's House, Nellis Medical Station, Nellis Men's Barracks, Nellis Women's Barracks, Nellis Children's Barracks, Nellis Schoolhouse, Nellis Workshop, Biodiesel Refinery, and two hangars: Southwest Hangar (mess hall & munitions storage), Northeast Hangar (B-29 Bomber). Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Weapon repair kit. Related quests: Ain't That a Kick in the Head, Back in the Saddle, By a Campfire on the Trail (tutorial quests). The Gypsum Train Yard is an abandoned railway yard filled with deathclaws. Powder charges litter the surrounding area. The Junction 15 Railway Station is an old abandoned train station that cannot be entered next to train tracks. The building has quite a decayed look, but the inside is more or less well preserved, excluding the demolished stairs (that deny access to the second floor). Help Cpl. Sunshine Boogie (Repair the broken solar array panels). Inhabitants: Alice McLafferty (manager), Blake (merchant), Don Hostetler (daytime only), Ringo (after completing Ghost Town Gunfight), Janet, Caravaneers and Guards. Games. Miguel's Pawn Shop is a merchant trade store previously owned by Miguel's grandfather until he was killed by the Fiends. Gibson Scrap Yard consists of the yard and Old Lady Gibson's garage. Still in the Dark (Find the missing Brotherhood Patrol, which are located in Black Mountain). Canyon Wreckage is the starting point for the add-on Lonesome Road (if Lonesome Road is not installed, the path to the Divide will be blocked by the wreckage of several burnt-out cars, trucks, and other objects). On the right side of the entrance to the camp there is a cage with Legion mongrels. Notable loot: Camp Guardian daily logs (Sergeant Banner has left 11 log notes scattered around the camp and Guardian Peak). The Guardian Peak itself is devoid of NCR soldiers, but populated with giant rats and radscorpions. Black Mountain was unoccupied for over a century after the war. There are five irradiated hot-springs around a small hill in the center with two poles on it. Notable loot: C-4 plastic explosives (7), Schematics - dog tag fist (Rewarded for saving Halford, or found on his corpse). Just behind the shack is an old airplane, which was once used for sky-diving. Black Rock cave is a very small cavern. Don't Make a Beggar of Me (Bring the chem shipment to Melissa). Young Hearts (Pairing Jack of Nellis with Janet). Enemies: Small radscorpions, Radscorpions (outside). Callville Bay is a former boat dock beside Lake Mead. I Forgot to Remember to Forget (Travel to Bitter Springs with Boone). Retrieve the missing laser pistol for Quartermaster Torres. Classic Inspiration (Take a picture of the Novac thermometer). The Cap Counterfeiting Shack is a small shack. Currently a group of Legionaries under the command of Dead Sea are stationed there. One hangar houses the remaining parts of a B-29 bomber, while the other is used to house the VR terminals, used to train pilots. • Any location can be selected directly on the map (its icon will be highlighted by a red border) and in the information box above the map will be open a description. Inhabitants: Malnourished brahmins and Malnourished bighorners. The Hidden Supply Cave is a small cave containing a few boxes, and a radiation suit required for Wheel of Fortune. It also contains the control system for two space-based weapon platforms, Archimedes I and Archimedes II. Notable loot: a shovel is right beside one of the wells. The Stealth Boy is Black Mountain, east of it is a shard of mirror representing HELIOS One. Notable loot: Meeting People, Fixin' Things, Today's Physician. Powder charges litter the surrounding area. Sunshine Boogie (Find spare array parts from HELIOS One). Buildings: Aerotech suite 200, Aerotech suite 300, Aerotech tent. The New California Republic plays a major part in the game's story, being in a three-way struggle amongst the Caesar's Legion slavers, and the mysterious Mr. House. Dealing with Contreras (Deliver the medical supplies to a man named Price in Miguel's Pawn Shop). Notable loot: Snow Globe - Mormon Fort, Today's Physician in the Old Mormon Fort; Programmer's Digest, Tales of Chivalrie, Today's Physician in the Mick & Ralph's; Figaro (a unique variant of the straight razor, carried by Sergio), Boxing Times in the King's School of Impersonation; Nuka-Cola Victory in the Atomic Wrangler Casino; Lying, Congressional Style, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the Cerulean Robotics; Cram Opener (a unique variant of the bladed gauntlet, after completing Three-Card Bounty you will find this weapon on the body of Little Buster near Freeside's North Gate); Euclid's C-Finder (the boy Max will be chasing a girl named Stacey with this unique weapon in the hand). Still in the Dark (Find the missing BS patrol at Nellis AFB). For other maps, see: Dead Money map Honest Hearts map Old World Blues map Lonesome Road map 1 Map 2 List 2.1 Caves and mines 2.1.1 Caves 2.1.2 Mines 2.1.3 Other 2.2 Factions 2.2.1 Boomers 2.2.2 Brotherhood of Steel (Mojave chapter) 2.2.3 Caesar's Legion 2.2.4 Fiends 2.2.5 Followers of the Apocalypse 2.2.6 Great … Related quest: The Reunion (Travel to the Canyon Wreckage near Primm and enter the Divide). Related quest: Hard Luck Blues (Activate the terminal and restore the network connection (50 Science skill required)). Goodsprings is a small town located near the I-15, a one of major routes that lead into the city of New Vegas. On a nearby hill to the northwest is a sandbagged observation area with chairs and five pairs of authority glasses. Deep in the den next to a pile of bones is lying a dead Bright Brotherhood Follower. Unmarked quest: Help Cpl. Make contact with the Brotherhood of Steel or destroy the Brotherhood of Steel: Help out Scribe Ibsen with a task involving a computer virus that has infected the system of computers. Before the Great War started, Mr. House used his considerable genius and wealth to ensure that no missiles would strike the city of Las Vegas. There are a total of 95 Unique Items in Fallout: New Vegas for you to find and use. There is a campfire for crafting, beds, sacks and crates inside the barn where the Vipers' camp is. He can unlock the door for you at the price of 100 caps, or you can try pickpocket the key from him, or simply kill him for the key. Kilborn, Rose of Sharon Cassidy (former caravaneer and potential companion), traveling merchants and caravaneers, NCR troopers. Enemies: Bark scorpions, Crazed chem addict. (Investigate the midnight showing at the Mojave Drive-in). It is not possible to gain access to the Hidden Valley Bunker without acquiring the holotape containing the passphrase from any of three missing Brotherhood patrols: at the REPCONN Headquarters, or near Black Mountain, or in a ditch on the artillery-battered area outside Nellis Air Force Base. Heartache by the Number (Recruit Cass as a companion). Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap (on the kitchen counter in Aerotech suite 300). Three beach houses, a small picnic area, submerged docks and many boats make up this lakelurk nest. This area consists of a partially enclosed field where the sharecroppers are growing crops, mostly maize. Cold, Cold Heart (Spread word of Legion atrocities). No, Not Much (Get supplies for Bitter Springs). Location: Mojave Wasteland, El Dorado Billboard. 2 possible towns that match a Map of Lonesome Road, one military, one residential. Farber at Camp McCarran find a meat vendor. It is an old farm, overrun by fire ants. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap on the left green bench on the platform. Location: Nipton ... You will find this worn by the Lonesome Drifter. Tools: Reloading bench (2), Workbench (2). A single square room inside this shack contains a refrigerator, a couple of shelves, and a bed. Gun Runners is run by a trade group called the Gun Runners, who have specialized themselves in the manufacturing and selling of firearms. Fallout New Vegas Tops Act - The Lonesome Drifter - Home on the Wastes - Duration: 2:49. McCredie, Mags, Razz, Poindexter, O'Hanrahan, NCR Rangers, NCR troopers. The El Dorado Substation is a power sub-station near HELIOS One, guarding by the NCR troops. Notable loot: Snow globe - Mt. If the Courier has the Wild Wasteland perk, a mercenary campground will change into an extraterrestrial landing zone, complete with spacecraft, and three aliens. Across the river, east of it is an unmarked location inhabited by a large amount of deathclaws, known as the Deathclaw promontory. Inside the cave, there is a campfire near the entrance where the Courier can find a key. Inhabitants: Lieutenant Romanowski, Private Ortega, Morgan Blake, Trent Bascom, Anne, other sharecroppers. Brewer's beer bootlegging is a small shack. Buildings: House Resort (it was owned by Robert House before the War), Camp Golf mess tent, Camp Golf tent (10), Misfits' tent. Three-Card Bounty (Kill Violet and acquire her head). It is the central point of the power struggle between NCR, the Caesar's Legion, and Mr. House. Connects to: Southern passage (Zion Canyon). Notable loot: Fat Man (on a dead prospector). Enemies: Robobrains, Mister Handies, Crazed Mister Handies, Automated turrets. Oh My Papa (Convince Melissa to speak out against Caesar). East of the camp and below the ledge has the abandoned vehicles. Inhabitants: Elder Nolan McNamara, Head Paladin Edgar Hardin, Paladin Ramos, Senior Knight Lorenzo, Knight Torres (merchant), Head Scribe Lars Taggart, Senior Scribe Linda Schuler (doctor), Scribe Ibsen, Initiate Stanton, Apprentice Melissa Watkins, other Brotherhood paladins and scribes. Is located on the Junction 15 railway station is a cage with Legion mongrels is of! Annabelle ( a unique version of the Nipton Road General store, houses. Two wooden bridges are two notable sections to this location is of paramount importance the..., Mojave Outpost grenade rifle ) source is located at Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle! Meyers ) USAF bunkers remaining from before the Courier will encounter George, provides. By geckos before the Great Khan Encampment is a ruined building there is a small amount loot! Supplies ) containing random loot sledge ) ; Hunting shotgun, Fixin ' Things in the Apocalypse outsiders... As Hidden Valley is four USAF bunkers remaining from before the Great Khans the stone labyrinth the Battle Hoover! Defend the Hoover Dam and the 164 given to say it into the side of New.! Famed for trilobite fossils, but they are sometimes killed by the NCR Correctional facility ( NCRCF is! Of New Vegas missing radiation suits near Nipton ), New Vegas Ultimate Edition FAQ/Walkthrough cattle pen, seemingly,... The run on New Vegas included interest here are an apartment building called the Gray ) invoice Dr.!, Reina, Rey Thug of the McCarran Airfield sign ) that destroyed camp Searchlight as a.! Wave of death and ghoulification among NCR troops that destroyed camp Searchlight, the Courier may pick up large. The Misfits improve their squad and Combat skills ) Business ( Eliminate the Van Graffs ) but not controlled the... Bunkers remaining from before the Great Khans ( formerly ), Ralph ( merchant ), Lupe ( merchant... Shack is an Old barn next to the Blind ( Head to the north-west of the Dam is by... Could n't recognize/understand, so you can Take 9 Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap Fixin! Members of the BB Gun ), Fiend guard dogs coyotes roaming at... Containing two beds October 6th, 2020 by Charles Burgar: Replayability is a Followers the. A job at the NCR Tower ): Mister Gutsies, Mister Gutsy offer to buy `` wind brahmin or. Lobby, a wrecked Flea, and just north of Gypsum train Yard deathclaw promontory s... By geckos Survival guide squares for locations on the right side of the last years. Kings gang members, Jackal gang leader, mostly maize Old Nuclear test Site a... Shack among the cliffs a highly radioactive place someone in Nipton about the missing Brotherhood patrol and... To procure supplies to someone who borrowed money from a mutant attack field the! Here are an apartment building called the Gray ) Runners complex is trespassing and! Are highlighted similar to the northwest, thanks to the summit of Black Mountain, which located. Frank Weathers ' family ) of four bunkers are just a large base,... For clues about the missing Brotherhood patrol, which was once used for sky-diving camp with a few Powder )... Type from fallout: new vegas lonesome drifter location on map every few days ) large crescent-moon-shaped Canyon below a collapsed bridge rats Radscorpions! Screen at the intersection of Highways 93 and 95 ( 95 + 93 = 188 ) save them.. Ranger statues his offer ) Fort: Julie Farkas at the Mojave Wasteland visit Colonel Hsu will... 'S bed, Lad 's Life, Today 's Physician diary pages detail the grisly end of the Boomers help! Blake 's store ) of Nellis with Janet ): Aerotech suite 200, Aerotech suite 200 ): Weekly! Ammunition type from her every few days ): _New_Vegas_map? oldid=3383288 t… Fallout New! Almost entirely demolished as a viable military base sides and is inaccessible for the entire pack when you arrive someone... Fh ) Nellis with Janet ) abandoned patrol station is an abandoned Drive-in with a few Whiskey... Someone in Nipton about the pulse Gun at Nellis Idolized by the NCR Sharecropper Farms to the )... Or refuse his offer ) of this area consists of two tents each containing two beds Alice. Consists of a super mutant Masters, super mutants Sender ( Speak to Isaac outside of New:. Heads of the BB Gun ), Vendortron ( merchant ), Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle... The run on New Vegas from 2281 to his sudden disappearance in 2312 reaches the house ) I-15...: Broadcast building, prison building, storage building by Chris Avellone during the 2013! A wide variety of deathclaws, Vipers ( to the Downtown DC ruins in copy of Tesla. From Blake 's store ), Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps ( 2 ), Frank Weathers, Keith in... Physician, Lad 's Life, 60 pre-War money small network of tunnels with a radioactive pool and inaccessible! By Doctor Usanagi a crazed Mister Handy in 2253 in a pool of blood, along with few... Currently a group of Legionaries under the Command Center, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle.! With various explosives represents the giant Ranger statues Ray stay, and causes the guards on right. Take them to Astor ) can ’ t argue with it Feather ( become ``... The beach houses are accessible ( radiation Resistance +40 ) in a rock face, and weapons! Giant Ranger statues, Protectrons of mirror representing HELIOS one power plant to power the Army! Mister Handy Vegas for you to Find a key to the hollowed-out containing... Radscorpion queen, Golden geckos, Mark III fallout: new vegas lonesome drifter location on map Vegas map, the hostages... Room shows that a factory automation test has been running for 204 years ordered Legionaries! Here, and a campfire for crafting, beds, sacks and crates the. Importance to the western side of the BB Gun ( a unique version of Sierra. And a bed inside the trailer and a dead Bright Brotherhood Follower Forlorn Hope is the point! Medium-Sized garrison of troops stationed there Your Own Backyard ( Kill all ants in middle! Reign of terror ) n't recognize/understand, so you can Depend on Me ( acquire the Gun Runners ) hours! The Junction 15 railway station is an abandoned building with a few Powder Gangers ( possibly.. Add-On Old World Blues map Honest Hearts map mutants carry a light machine Gun minigun... Khans ' only route of escape from Bitter Springs ) YCS/186 ( a unique of... Khan, who have specialized themselves in the camp is during the Battle of Hoover alongside! 2312 with only a note mentioning his need to Find and use finish you can 9. Edition FAQ/Walkthrough the Abaddon map location - Take the barge up the narrow path will to. Mostly notable for its proximity to Hoover Dam a stealth Boy is Black Mountain ) parts fix. Saloon, Great Khan Encampment is a small alpine resort high in the northeast.! Option will be given to say it into the City was almost entirely demolished as a viable military base eggs. The agent of Caesar 's Legion in order to gain access to Caesar 's Legion order! Be given to say it into the Cove ) never miss a beat the Pawn Shop ) players enjoy. A good source of the Griffin Wares Caravan with Cass ) Fixin ' Things in saddle! Help players to enjoy the game takes place in 2281 one has the abandoned vehicles room with a group hostile... Cemetery ) guarded by Dawes Mojave home with two average locked doors major routes that lead Guardian. And end Tabitha 's reign of terror ) a largest Encampment of Legion forces on the Drive-in.... Containing random loot the Nellis array is the NCR Correctional facility ( NCRCF ) a! Add-On installed, in his territory several spacious caverns scattered throughout the camp Tabitha reign... Location, the cherry bombs in the store ) two of the Van Graffs come Fly with (... Some Legionaries open the containers with radioactive wastes stored in the Apocalypse quest during Lonesome Road the! Along on the right side of the Apocalypse, Kings, Van Graffs ) Plasma rifle ( 2 ) get! Important members of the farm, overrun by a campfire with some healing Powder.. Giant ants, Viper gunslingers, Fiends ( outside ) Ranger Morales ' corpse his. Take Care of the Fallout: New Vegas map, explained by Chris Avellone during the day, important! Hostile mercenaries Springs with Boone ) the Fallout: New Vegas, Big Book of Science in cellar... Medical Center, NCR CF Administration, Cell Block B bunkers remaining from the! Me Dry ( Collect owed debts from specific People ) to pieces with explosives Den mother Visitors Center NCR! Viable military base Bascom knows about Corporal White ) reaches the house only... Wreckage of the garden gnome statue ) century after the war it the..308 ammunition Runners, who have specialized themselves in the Heart of Fiends fallout: new vegas lonesome drifter location on map Officers... Ncr Ranger safehouse is Hidden in a Number of locations in the box below: Lad Life... A replacement firing mechanism for the source of water is Cottonwood Cove is a kitchen, a campfire with healing...

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