Integrating Political Islam in Central Asia: the Tajik Experience

Tajikistan has undergone the most painful state building of all the former Soviet republics of Central Asia. Beginning in 1991, the country experienced a rapid rise in political activism, followed by civil war, an internationally led peace process, the integration of opposition forces into government, Continue reading


Accord. Politics of compromise The Tajikistan Peace Process

accordIntroduction: from war to politics
Catherine Barnes and Kamoludin Abdullaev (March 2001)

In comparison with many of the ‘internal’ wars of the late twentieth century, the inter-Tajik conflict is notable both for its rapid escalation to war in 1992 and for its relatively quick conclusion through a negotiated settlement reached in June 1997. This issue of Accord documents these events, provides insight into the main parties to the conflict, describes the official aiq informal initiatives that comprised Continue reading